• Giving Busy Moms the Luxury of Time
    Want to get something done? Ask a busy mom. This woman is a powerhouse. She works long and hard and gets very little time for herself. Often in addition to holding down a job, this woman tackles her household's food and grocery shopping, monthly budget, family financial and banking decisions, child care and generally keeping the house in order. She cherishes those rare moments of "me" time and knows how to make the most of them.
  • Moms, Tech And CES
    Thirty-nine percent of women begin using technology more when they become moms, and women's tech purchase criteria change when they have a child, according to a BabyCenter study. Nearly half of women - 49% -- said they were interested in technology that "empowered them to be a good mom."
  • A New Year Of Balance
    With the start of a new year comes the pledge of resolutions. Working closely with a group of moms, I was intrigued by the comments from my co-worker, a mother of two, about her fresh outlook for 2012.
  • Moms Prefer Social Login
    I was reading a report from Janran, "Consumer Perceptions of Online Registration and Social Login," to which the conclusion was - moms and other consumers don't want to take the time to answer a series of questions before they can really use your site. They want to be able to sign in with their existing social media accounts ( Facebook, Twitter, Google+).
  • It's A Mobile, Mobile, Mobile, Mobile World!
    When I wrote the very first Engage:Moms column in 2009, the headline was "It's a Web, Web, Web, Web World!" and the focus was how to engage today's online mom. Fast-forward three years, and mom is now hyper-connected. She's still online - a lot. However, today's marketers need to focus on reaching mom on the go - on her smartphone or tablet. As I've mentioned before, a recent EMarketer study found that moms are spending significantly more time browsing on their mobile devices than on their PCs, 6.1 hours a day vs. 4.1 hours day, while the general population is ...
  • Resolutions For The New Year
    Happy New Year! If you are like most people, you spent a great deal of time during those final hours of 2011 making personal plans for 2012. You resolved to add more exercise into your daily routine or to get more organized. But, what did you resolve to do about your brand? This year, we challenge you with 3 must-do marketing to mom resolutions for 2012.
  • 2012 Predictions For Marketing To Moms
    Women and, more specifically, moms have been quite the marketing focus in 2011 and that trend will continue in 2012. Their influence over an estimated $2.4 trillion in household spending will continue to make them the focus of brands for some time to come. What will be the key to success with moms? Here are five important considerations.
  • Where Your Brand Needs To Be In 2012
    There have been lots of predictions about moms in the New Year: how moms are shopping, what they will buy and what you should be doing to connect with them. I decided to focus on the "where" in the formula of how to market with moms. Even the best tactics will miss the target if they are executed in the wrong environment.