• 21st Century Media Mom: Always On, Everywhere
    It's no secret that Mom is busy and juggling a constant variety of roles, activities, and demands. But the modern mom is using new devices and digital platforms to do far more than most of us expect -- and maybe more than moms have ever done.
  • P&G Gets A Gold In Human Understanding
    With the Olympics around the corner, marketers are creating campaigns that will not only pay homage to the games, but also connect with consumers in a more meaningful way.
  • Working With Bloggers? Follow These Rules
    In addition to being the owner of a sales/marketing company, I am also a blogger in the B2B space. Being a blogger has actually educated me more on the brand/blogger relationship than any campaign I have implemented on behalf of my clients. It is through my role as a blogger that I see some of the biggest missteps brands make when it comes to blogger outreach strategies-especially when they are looking to engage moms who blog. Want to avoid the biggest missteps? Follow these rules.
  • A Peek Inside Mom's Head During The Summer
    For many moms across the country, school is already out, and summer break has begun. The profile of moms and their interests shift during the summer months -- their schedules may change, they're taking time off for a family vacation and will be planning for the next school year. The summer and fall months offer multiple opportunities for marketers to engage moms.
  • Giving Them Every Advantage
    As the seemingly never-ending debate rages on, comparing moms who work outside the home to moms who stay at home, perhaps the focus should be redirected to highlight the different advantages each type of mom bestows. Data from our newly released LMX Family study adds unique perspective to the discussion by comparing the media and technology ecosystems in which kids aged 6-12, in both types of households, are growing up today.
  • Why Brands Miss The Mark
    And how big data can change that.