• Fitness Marketers, Reach Out On Social Media
    Whether they're working in or out of their homes, moms are busy. How do they manage to take care of themselves and stay fit? And what's the best way for marketers to reach moms who are striving to get in shape?
  • And The Oscar Goes To ... ?
    Last year, when we conducted research for our global study, "Truth About Moms," we asked our respondents to imagine that they were at the Oscars. Except, instead of film nominations, we suggested an event where mothers nominate other mothers for awards. We then provided them with a list of 18 potential awards for which they were eligible.
  • Creating Content That Connects
    Content creation is the new buzzword for 2013. As more brands engage with people on a multitude of online and mobile platforms, like a hungry monster brands need content - photos, videos, the written word.
  • Driving Home Your Message
    This week, I am attending the Chicago Auto Show. You may not realize this, but the Chicago Auto Show is the largest auto show in North America and drives (pun intended) thousands of people to our fabulous city every February. Included in those droves of automotive consumers? Women.
  • Romance And Motherhood? A Perfect Pair
    With Valentine's Day approaching, it got me thinking about how the significance of this holiday has changed now that I have kids. Like most moms, I am still a romantic, but I just have to try harder to fit it into my busy days. This reflects the natural shift in priorities of every woman who becomes a mom. There's no better example of these changing priorities than moms' perspectives on beauty. More than three-quarters of moms say that looking good is still important but that their new responsibilities make it tough. Their pre-motherhood beauty routine was like a five-course meal; ...
  • Beware A Guide To Bloggers
    I have no trouble deciding the topic of this month's "Engage:Moms" newsletter post. I had to go no farther than my own Facebook page to find a stream of conversation burning up the MomBlogosphere. Here's the background. A PR company has decided to sell a document titled "2012 Mommy Blogger Contact Guide." I am purposely not going to publish the link to their site in order to avoid sending traffic to their site. You'll understand why in a minute. The firm's name is Bulldog Reporter. I am telling you this because I want marketing professionals to be fully educated when ...
  • Missing Out On The Bigger Blogging Audience?
    The bigger the blogger, the better, right? And it's all about the blog's page views, unique visitors and stickiness. If you're a brand working with an agency and doing outreach with bloggers, this is where you typically start. But this brand new study from the Social Studies Group and V3 Integrated Marketing shows you might just be missing out on reaching a bigger mom audience.