• Thankful For Time Spent Together All Year Long
    While we cherish the approaching holiday season as the time of year to spend quality time with friends and family, busy moms treasure special moments of family togetherness each and every day. Visualizing today's moms, the marketing images of time-pressured, over-stressed and economically stretched women tend to come to mind. However, the moments which are most salient to these hard-working moms are those daily opportunities when they can meaningfully connect with their children.
  • Sleigh Bells Ring, Moms Are Listening
    If things go as predicted, this year's holiday season will be a jolly one for retailers. The National Retail Federation (NRF) is forecasting a 4.1% gain in spending over 2011, with the average holiday shopper dropping a total of $749.51. Total holiday spending is expected to reach $586.1 billion.
  • Today They Just Want To Raise Happy Kids - But What About Tomorrow?
    Last week, I came across an article in the December issue of Vanity Fair, "The Parenting Trap," in which the author, A.A. Gill, laments the failings of the modern schooling system and the parental obsession with raising successful offspring. As he says, "No, scrap happiness-we'll settle for success. We gave up on happiness at about the age of six. Childhood is a war of attrition, like some grisly TV game show where the weak and the kind and the quixotic and the dreamers and the gentle get dumped at the end of each year. Only the gimlet-eyed and the obsessively ...
  • Kids' Most-Wanted Christmas Gift Drains Her Wallet All Year Long
    The big news in Christmas lists this year is small. Every kid wants an Apple. Each year, the Nielsen survey of what kids want for Christmas moves more and more way from traditional toys and more and more toward electronics and gadgets. This year it's unanimous: kid's want Apple products -- iPads, iPod touches and iPhones.
  • Thank You, Brands
    In honor of this month of giving thanks, let us give thanks to those brands who are paying attention to what moms really want and are giving us campaigns, products and strategies that connect with Mom in new and innovative ways. This November we are thankful for brands who...
  • Is Your Brand On Her Holiday Shopping List?
    It's barely mid-November but moms already have much of their holiday shopping done. Even for marketers who understand this audience, that may seem hard to believe - especially given how time-pressed moms' lives are today. But according to our 2012 Holiday Survey, due to rapid increases in digital media usage and mobile solutions, moms are planning further in advance than ever before. As a result, 53% of them are doing their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving - only 16% cited Black Friday as the official start of their seasonal shopping.
  • There's An Evolution In The Blogosphere
    This is a blog post I've wanted to write for some time and now I do so with a bit of lingering hesitation. I've delayed putting my observations into writing because I didn't want to seem like I was generalizing or calling out any one blogger's personal situation. However, enough time and events have gone by that it will reflect a picture of a sliver of the mom blogosphere. There is an evolution going on within the homes of mom bloggers. As an observer of human behavior, I have watched it with interest for the past 12 months.
  • Look Out, The Digital Grandmothers Are Coming
    Currently, there is a whole wave of digitally savvy moms who are also grandmothers or will likely become grandmothers over the next decade. Right now there are about 32 million moms online using social media for regular communications. Our children are growing up digital. And those very same moms will bring in a new era of grandparenting -- and we certainly won't be anything like our grandmothers. Even my own 82-year-old mother uses an iPad. We will have the ability to redefine what being a grandparent means.