• Understand Why Moms Blog
    Marketers are historically good at talking at people but poor at conversations. To work with mom bloggers, businesses need to take the time to read the blog to get to know the writer and gain a better understanding of her audience.
  • Making The Connection
    Creating relevant products and successfully marketing to moms require recognition of the emotional drivers that motivate moms to make the purchasing and other decisions designed to help their families operate at peak efficiency. Based on existing psychological literature and thousands of interviews and surveys with moms, four key emotional drivers are at play.
  • Teach Them Well
    One thing to remember is that a mom is not going to spend money on something that may be "better" if she doesn't deem it to be necessary, i.e., webcam lens quality, but she will remember the brand in a favorable way if she learned something from it.
  • Meet The Frugalista
    She's tasted the thrill of saving, the fulfillment of reclaiming control of her debit card and the excitement of hearing the clerk say, "You just saved $101 today."