• Brand Loyalty, Moms And The Web
    We talked to moms after reviewing the Consumer Insights results and found that while research was crucial and influential, there was still a degree of brand loyalty, more in certain product categories than others.
  • Three Ways To Engage Moms On YouTube
    For a long time, YouTube seemed like it was a man's world, but no longer. A recent Nielsen study shows women passing men in their use of online video, and many brands are starting to get serious about using this platform to engage moms.
  • To Have And To Hold: How To Optimize Your Facebook Relationship With Her
    To successfully connect with Moms, the most important overarching Facebook page strategy involves offering Mom something, continuously communicating with her, and leveraging the flexibility of the channel to compliment your other marketing efforts. Here's how.
  • Shopping Trends: Online Trends and Seasonal Peaks
    Considering the recent economic crisis, it's interesting to note that while three generations of mothers have altered their shopping patterns, Moms continue to spend money on their children and the home (putting personal purchases low on the list).