• Path-To-Purchase: The Digital Connection
    By the time our Moms reach the store aisle, they have more information, making them more confident in their purchase decisions. Chances are, if you haven't engaged them before they get to the store, you've probably already lost those sales.
  • As A Mom
    Businesses must be willing to make an investment in better understanding her world and how a particular product or service fits into it. They also must invest in learning more about the communication styles that appeal to women.
  • Social Media Moms Are Really Alpha Consumers
    For the first time, marketers can accurately gauge the influence of consumers to whom they direct offers by targeting these "connectors" who are suddenly easy to find using social media. Direct marketing sample sizes can shrink to include those consumers that are most likely to pass the word along. Response rates and, more importantly, buzz generated can vault to heights not seen before. Budgets can shrink ... or can they?
  • This Is Not Your Mother's Brown Bag Lunch
    Seeking convenient alternatives to modify their family's eating habits, Moms will substitute fortified foods for their "regular" counterparts. Sixty-seven percent look for products fortified with minerals and vitamins.
  • You Should Be Talking To Women
    Huggies is a great example of a brand leveraging the unique dynamics of this segment to maximize the impact of its message. In its weekly email communications stream, Huggies embeds links to download a pregnancy countdown widget. Once an expectant mother downloads the widget, she can choose to embed it in her social networking profile. Huggies sends relevant information to the mom through the widget daily -- information that she can then share and discuss with her friends and other expectant moms.