• Top 5 Trends Emerging For Today's Digital Families
    From ever-present smartphones to increasingly sophisticated gaming consoles to on-the-go electronic devices, today's families rely more heavily on technology than ever before. Where families once functioned with essentially a desktop computer and a gaming console, they now view technology as integral to their daily lives and have incorporated a succession of computers, tablets, mobile devices, apps, games, and social media platforms that allow them to work and play in ways never imagined.
  • Picture Perfect
    A picture is worth a thousand words. Or so the saying goes. For busy moms, a picture might very well be worth a whole lot more. Images are fast, easy ways to communicate. They simultaneously show, demonstrate, inspire, prompt and start a conversation without the need of a single word. Remember the first picture your toddler drew and handed you so triumphantly? It probably left you speechless. Images have a way of doing this.
  • Make Room For Daddy
    While moms, without question, remain the major decision makers when it comes to household purchases, dads are becoming more involved in the process than in the past.
  • Celebrity Moms: Useful Marketing Tool Or Too Perfect To Relate?
    Moms value the opinions of other moms because they all face the same types of experiences-the good, the bad and the very messy. Marketers employ the use of celebrities for many products, especially those directed at moms and her family. It made us wonder about how celebrity moms are perceived and valued by real moms. Are moms becoming de-sensitized to the portrayal of celebrity moms in the media, or do they welcome it? We turned to our global community of moms in the Moms Human Experience Center to if celebrity moms are welcomed into the "real moms" world.
  • Sex And The Social Mom
    It is heartening to hear that on one day of the year, moms aren't under the covers snuggling with their smartphones. Over three-quarters of moms in a Valentine's Day study conducted by Socialmoms.com chose to give up Facebook over sex.
  • A Guide To Pinterest And Moms
    Last week, some colleagues and I were discussing the research released about Pinterest and its staggering impact on retailers: Pinterest - which technically is still in closed, invitation-only beta -- drives more sales to retailers than YouTube, Google + and LinkedIn combined and is nearly equal to Twitter's referral traffic.
  • Getting The 'Single Mom' Conversation Right
    There was a recent article on ParentSociety.com that highlighted the things you should never say to a single parent, which included such gems as "I'm envious of your 'alone time.'" It isn't just people who get the single-parent conversation wrong; marketers have long been driven by the single-mom myths often depicting her as a frazzled woman who is overwhelmed with juggling kids, work, and romance and who often feels as if she is alienated from the rest of the "mom" crowd. But, according to a Women at NBCU study, 92% of single moms feel they have more social acceptance than ...
  • Stop Calling Us 'Mommy' Bloggers
    I have the benefit of being a mom and a blogger. In fact, mom is the probably the title I am most proud of possessing. Last week, I even became a West Point Mom. I am also a blogger. However, I am also a podcaster, a radio talk show host, columnist, author and business owner.
  • How-To Guide For The Fair Treatment Of 'Mommy Bloggers'
    Today's social media moms, a/k/a "mommy bloggers," are entrepreneurs, inventors, marketing managers, event planners and more, which is why I hate to call them mere bloggers. The power of their voice, social reach and influence is something brand managers have learned can make or break their brand if not handled properly. That said, for the purposes of the piece we'll call them mommy bloggers so as not to confuse them with other social media moms who use social media for a plethora of other reasons.