• Political Ads Turn Mom Voters Off
    The 2012 Presidential election is not until November, but campaigning is in full swing. Both parties have raised staggering amounts of money, with Obama edging out Romney, $587 million to $524 million. That's over a billion dollars, and the conventions are just beginning.
  • It's Time For Autospeak
    It happens all too often: your fingers are moving frantically across your touch-screen phone, and when you hit send, you see gibberish being transmitted. So, you send another text to correct the first one, but there is no promise that the new one will be correct, either. On the bright side, if you keep this up long enough, you will have your own language that the people you text most will actually begin to understand.
  • Hey, Mom, It's Back-to-School Buying Time
    It's back-to-school time yet again, and moms across the U.S. are planning their annual scholastic shopping spree. We reached out to our Social Savvy panel to find out what was on moms' minds as they prepared to stock up on this year's essentials. The following responses are based on feedback from 250 moms of school-age children.
  • The Media Are Stoking Fires That Don't Exist
    The great parenting debate has been a center-stage topic for some time. Catalyzed by the famous Wall Street Journal article, "Why Chinese Mothers are Superior" and the radical picture it painted of "tiger moms," it has recently reached its boiling point. This past spring, Time magazinepublished an article, "Are You Mom Enough" which sparked public controversy with its divisive classifications of parenting styles and bold cover photo.
  • Targeting U.S. Moms
    Without getting into a discussion on the importance of making and growing products in the United States (we should), or the politics of buying local (as much as reasonably and practicably possible one would think), let's agree that we live in a global community. In that global community, moms are all the same (they love their kids) and very different.
  • Thinking Outside Of The Back-to-School Box
    Yes, it is that time of year again. Time when kids of all ages begin counting down their last days of summer and moms begin going over their back-to-school shopping lists. When it comes to back-to-school campaigns, we expect to see department stores touting their kid fashions, big box retailers and office stores giving us deals on school supplies and even grocery stores offering us tips for healthy school lunches.
  • So Much Stress: But Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?
    Generally speaking, it appears the world thinks we moms are a stressed out lot. Our plates are overloaded, we get little sleep, and we're just overwhelmed with the responsibilities of motherhood, family and careers. Just Google "mommy stress" if you don't believe me. Like chimpanzees and other living things, moms are fast becoming one of the most studied creatures on earth. Every marketer wants to see what makes us tick. And at the top of the list is stressed.
  • Campaigns That Hit The Heartstrings
    I love when I see great Mom Marketing. I can't help it. I am old enough to remember a day when brands didn't really focus on moms in their marketing campaigns. Let me correct myself; there were some brands in the '90s that used images of June Cleaver to portray their interest in and knowledge of moms but I rarely count that as good mom marketing.