• Is Social Media Making Moms Feel 'In-Touch' Or 'Over-Stimulated'?
    There is no denying that mom's day is full. Mom's days were full long before social media entered her world. But come into her world it did! In a recent survey, we found 65% of moms reported that they spend more than an hour a day on Facebook alone. And 28% said that they spend more than three hours a day on Facebook.
  • To Interest Moms, Try Pinterest
    TechCrunch recently crowned Pinterest 2011's "Best New Start Up," and in February alone, Pinterest saw 16.23 million unique users. TechCrunch also reported that 80% of Pinterest's user base is female.
  • Smile And The World Smiles With You
    In Gentleman Prefer Blondes, the book by Anita Loos, not the movie, the character Lorelei Lee is a smart, funny woman. Perhaps not always intentionally funny, but able to make people around her smile, nonetheless. She is a distinctly American character, which is what prompted the author Edith Wharton to call this book, "the great American novel." But in 1925 when this was written, Lorelei needed to be portrayed by Loos as a guileless, sometimes conniving, clueless bimbo. In terms of the character, men bought it. They loved her. Women, on the other hand, saw right through it.
  • Engage Like It's 2009
    A new day has dawned in digital marketing to moms - or should I say, yet another new day has dawned, with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all announcing big format changes in the last 30 days. That of course follows the sudden explosion of Pinterest, the ridiculously fast adoption of tablets and "second screens," and, of course, the cautious, but now seemingly real, end to this economic downturn.
  • The Not-So-Big Spring Clean
    Next week marks the official start of spring. With the weather warming up and buds starting to bloom, we were curious to better understand how spring affects moms nationwide. As expected, we heard themes such as spring is a season of love, a "mood-lifter" and delight over the flowers and birds chirping.
  • Mom On The Go: Marketing Travel To Moms
    There is this really great line in Bridget Brennan's book, Why She Buys, that states, "Whether it's Disney or Dusseldorf, women plan vacations for themselves and their families," which makes mom an ideal target for travel and destination brands. As we head into the busy spring break season with summer vacation planning in full swing, I wanted to give you some tips for marketing travel to moms.
  • Mom Will Be First In Line For The Newest iPad
    Apple announced its newest iPad yesterday, an improved tablet that boasts a slew of enhanced features. Among the heaviest tablet users, moms are already planning to hand down their original iPad or iPad2 to the kids and upgrade to the new model for themselves on March 16. In an online survey we conducted of 1,500 moms, 47% said they'd be in line to pick up the newest tablet for $499 despite tough financial times.
  • Father Knows Best ... With The Help Of A Smartphone And Social Media
    More and more, we are reading articles and blog posts about the changing roles of fathers in today's family. Recently, an Engage:Moms blog post focused on dads. Everyone seems to agree that today's fathers are more involved and active in their role as parent and caregiver. Last month, in cooperation with the Marketing to Moms Coalition, we fielded a survey of 100 social media-savvy dads to get a sense of how technology played a part in daily fatherhood. Here are some of the results.
  • For The Social Media Mom, It's All About Simplicity
    One of the most important things to remember in communicating with moms and via social media is simplicity, and it is often the most difficult thing to achieve. Human nature causes us to complicate things. Yet time and time again, simplicity is what wins. So often we try to come up with brilliant marketing campaigns with a multitude of channels, platforms, and technologies interwoven, only to find them fail in comparison to simpler programs.