• Out on the (Mobile) Town
    BlueBlastMedia's Bluetooth Nightlife Network reaches consumers out on the town with video, display, or text ads on Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, combining mobile with out-of-home.
  • State of the Art
    Ginny Cooper and Susan Simmons, the minds behind Cooper + Simmons Media Architects, believe in the "art and science" of media planning. Here, they discuss their approach.
  • Opt-in Ads
    Publishers have realized it's one thing to bring together hundreds of thousands of people to share videos. But it's quite another when you start trying to figure out how to monetize all that activity, says Kevin Sladek, chief strategic officer of San Francisco-based VideoEgg.
  • A High Video Watermark
    Keeping track of ad placements in a three-channel or even 57-channel universe was one thing.
  • Leveraging the Long Tail
    The Internet has revolutionized direct-response advertising through the so-called lower funnel of Internet search, but the upper funnel of branded display advertising remains incredibly inefficient from a tracking perspective, especially when advertisers attempt to target the Web's "long-tail" sites not featured on comScore or Nielsen.
  • Search and Shop
    As heavyweights from Yahoo to Microsoft jump into mobile search, one start-up is already turning cell phones into pocket shopping guides.
  • Keywords Made Easy
    In theory, optimizing keywords doesn't sound complicated.
  • Frontline News
    At newspapers across the country, reporters are being turned into videographers in an effort to keep online newspapers awash in video.
  • Movies' Slow Pitch
    The era of online movie distribution has arrived.
  • Industry Watch: Wireless Wars in the Trenches
    With 200 million U.S. subscribers and household penetration already around 70 percent, the wireless industry's marketing challenge is complex.
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