• Web U: How to Measure SEO Success
    There is a "Simpsons" episode titled "The Springfield Files" in which Homer, after having had quite a few beers at Moe's Tavern, sees an alien wandering through the woods.
  • 5 Questions For Matt Wise
    Matt Wise was appointed president and CEO of Q Interactive, an online marketing services company, in July 2006.
  • Search On the Right Track
    Optimizing search-engine marketing (SEM) programs is a never-ending process.
  • Grade A Access to B-List Sites
    Advertisers have a new tool, AdBrite 2.0, for reaching the "long-tail" audience (those thousands of Web sites below the top 50) and it can be even easier than placing ads on the 50 largest sites.
  • Google's Keyword Ka-ching
    Twenty-five cents per 1,000 keywords may not sound like a lot, but when you're running hundreds of thousands of keywords, it can add up.
  • Gobbling JotSpot
    First they snatched up Blogger, then Writely. They launched Google Groups, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Apps for Your Domain.
  • TXT 4 CH8NG
    Mobile cause marketer Rights Group teamed up with service provider SinglePoint to get out the vote in last November's elections.
  • Ad Central
    A new offering from Atlas, In-Stream Video, promises to give advertisers better control over video ads and make it easier to get more specific metrics.
  • Guides Do the Steering
    Search is the most widely used online consumer interaction tool today.
  • Reel Good Finds
    Want to know what everyone else is watching on YouTube?
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