• Ed:Blog - Survival Guide, Glitter and Doom Edition
    On the heels of last year's econapocalypse we released our previous survival guide. And, well, here's the thing: We can't help thinking it came up a little short. Maybe it had been too much. Like Tom Waits' William the Pleaser, we sold opium and fireworks in that issue. And as a result, things just got worse.
  • Rising Stars: Erin Schaefer
    Joining Google in 2006, Erin Schaeffer was one of the founders of Google's TV Ads platform, working on finance, marketing, and sales for the platform's alpha and beta launches. She now heads up online video content monetization and brand advertising sales for Google's TV platform. "Erin is a great manager, strategic thinker, and sales leader. Her scope of work has continuously expanded since we began working together three years ago and she is a real rising star," said Mike Steib, her boss and director of emerging platforms at Google. Prior to joining Google, Erin worked in Strategic Planning at Gap …
  • 2010 Survival Guide: What You Need To Know About Tech
    It is no secret that Apple's expected tablet computer will be the make-or-break gadget of the year. Though only the masochistic attempt to guess what Steve Jobs is up to, it will be logical for Cupertino to ship a keyboardless screen-like device that is lighter and smaller than the average laptop that is touch-enabled a la the iPhone. Expect it to be fed by various media outlets via iTunes. The iTablet, or whatever it will be called, will also attempt to enable rich print-oriented content that gives suffering publishers a toehold in the digital age and marketers a higher CPM …
  • 2010 Survival Guide: Performance Marketers
    There can be such a thing as too much sense of direction
  • 2010 Survival Guide: The Economy, Stupid
    An uneven, bifurcated economic recovery could last as long as the recession and stretch into 2011. With every media business model being revamped for a digital marketplace, prolonged economic instability will further complicate the ramping of revenue growth.
  • 2010 Survival Guide: CMOs
    Mobile advertising and commerce, growing upwards of 30 percent annually, are the new growth arenas where marketers must play.
  • 2010 Survival Guide: Investors
    Burned by the Congressional-fueled demise of NebuAd, which folded after receiving more than $30 million in venture funds, investors are keeping a sharp eye on privacy developments. Expect investors to increasingly scrutinize start-ups' privacy policies along with their business plans.
  • 2010 Survival Guide: Publishers
    Offline publishers need to not become too fixated on the question of pay walls. The No. 1 priority in the year ahead, says Ken Doctor, affiliate analyst Outsell, is to regenerate advertising. No. 2: Come to a better reckoning with the aggregators. No. 3: paid content. "I think there may be be something to the metered model - basically the Financial Times model - although I want to see how that's going to work out in the u.s. with general circulation," says Doctor. "If you get this right, you can charge for some stuff and you can offer lots of …
  • 2010 Survival Guide: Regulators
    Madison Avenue will increasingly aim to shape policies regarding privacy. The American Association of Advertising Agencies recently joined with the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Association of National Advertisers and Direct Marketing Association to develop a set of industry self-regulatory standards. Also in 2009, WPP/Kantar named its first chief privacy officer and an Omnicom unit recruited a privacy counsel. Look for others to follow suit.
  • 2010 Survival Guide: Consumers
    The end of handset exclusivity? An expected ruling by the Federal Communications Commission on the exclusive handset deals between manufacturers and wireless carriers in the coming months could have a major impact on the industry. Think Verizon iPhone.
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