Television News Daily Editions for April 2014
Television News Daily - Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Cablevision Debuts CloudTV AdCast, AmEx First Advertiser
Fox To Offer Its Own Sounds Of Music With Live Telecast Of 'Grease'
Where Will The New Digital Video Money Come From?
Hulu To Stream TV Shows On Mobile, Triple Marketing Spend
Episode 703: Ugly Betty And The Dead Man's Office
Past Media Timelines Suggest Streaming VOD To Surpass Linear TV In 5 Years
Placemedia Taking Programmatic TV Local
Broadcast TV King El Pollo Loco Crowdsources Slogan On Social, Ignores Search
Judge Says Hulu Might Have Violated Video Privacy Law
Domino's Targets TV Watchers on Twitter
Time Warner Divisions Air Solid Q1, Uptick In Ad Revs
Let's Be Clear About It: Crackle Is TV, Not Just Online Video Maker
Ad Council CEO Peggy Conlon To Retire
Are You A Bad Fan?
Fast-Growing Moe's Moves Into National TV
Acura Back For Coffee Refill With Seinfeld
NEW! Man Has 'Bar Epiphany' In Corona Light Ad
London Live Disputes Low Barb Figures Reporting Viewers In Line With Expectations
NBCU: Twitter, Facebook Don't Drive TV Viewership Partners With StickyAds For Access To European Inventory
Second-Screeners Will Improve Disappointing Results, Twitter CEO Promises
Sky Tipped To Report First Ever Loss Of TV Subscribers Tomorrow
Television News Daily - Tuesday, April 29, 2014
CBS, CW To Share Research For Upfront
Craig Ferguson's Surprise Announcement Puts Late Night In Play Yet Again
Gee You Look Familiar: Is Online Video Turning Into TV?
Upfront Forecast: Broadcast Will Dip, Cable Will Rise 5%
NBCU: Twitter, Facebook Don't Drive TV Viewership
Craig Ferguson To Leave CBS' 'Late Late Show' In December
Three In Four Marketers Moving Budget From TV To Digital Video
Score One For comScore, Signs Yahoo For Global Ad Measurement
Fox To Air Live 'Grease' Broadcast In 2015
Yahoo Unveils Original Comedies, Live Nation Deal Partners With StickyAds For Access To European Inventory
Twitter To Rank Top Aussie TV Shows For Advertisers
Journal Communications Scores Big TV Revs, Publishing Down
Microsoft To Debut Xbox Originals, New Programming Lineup
IPG's Hill Holliday In New Rentrak Ratings Accord
Easy App Access Tops OTT Device Shopper Lists
NEW! Solo Vacations Celebrated In Latest Ad
Getting More Upfront Mania -- Even After Your Fill
Local TV. Who Is Going To End The Suffering And Pull The Plug On These Pointless, Expensive Pet Projects?
Vevo Preps For Sale
Television News Daily - Monday, April 28, 2014
Showtime's 'Nurse Jackie' Dares To Go There in Season Six
Netflix Strikes MSO Deal For Own Channel
How Turner's Classic Became The Comic-Con Of Hollywood's Golden Age
Video Propels Mobile Ads For Entertainment Industry
Media General Revs Spike To 16%, Digital Soars 33%
Net Neutrality Advocates Prepare To Fight Pay-For-Play Proposal
PCH Launches TV Campaign, Ups Site Traffic
Local TV. Who Is Going To End The Suffering And Pull The Plug On These Pointless, Expensive Pet Projects?
Local Media Ads Expected To Pass $158B By 2018
UK Ad Spend To Hit GBP20bn in 2015
Untargeted Online Tonnage Buys Comparable to Selected TV CPM Norm
Ad Execs: Digital Video Predicted To Rival TV In Ad Importance
TV That's More Immediate, Like Twitter
Lamar, CBS Outdoor Get REIT Approval
Microsoft Debuts Xbox Originals
Television News Daily - Friday, April 25, 2014
Rivalries Emerge, Submerge In Media Measurement: Within Industry And The Household
BBC America's 'Orphan Black' Enjoys A Notable Ratings Increase
Aereo Awaits Court Decision, Dish's New Platform Looks For Summer Attention -- Also With Some Controversy
Local TV Ads Forecast To Rise 8% In 2014
Paying Too Much To Pay Providers? Get In The Slow Lane
Interpublic Ups U.S. Ad Expansion Half A Point, Says Programmatic Has Hit The Brakes On Online Display
Netflix Says Comcast Double Dips With Interconnection Fee
Retrans, Ads Send Meredith TV Revs Soaring 14.5%
Top Five Things That WON'T Happen This Upfront
NCAA Viewership Grows On Mobile
Mobile Video Viewing Could Lead To Cord-Cutting
GE's 'Spring Break It' Videos Scream Disappointment
Biculturals Dominate U.S. Hispanic Population
Minnesota Launches Largest-Ever Tourism Campaign
Mobile Measurement Tops Media Pros' Focus
P&G Ad Spend To Decrease Again As Focus Shifts From TV To Digital
NEW! Nissan Turns Its Pathfinder Into Modern-Day Noah's Ark
HBO Deal Costs Amazon $300M
Time Warner Cable Slows Subcriber Losses
Honey Monster Comeback Expected This Summer
Amazon First Quarter Income Spikes Up 18%
Comcast Takes A Swipe Back At Netflix
Television News Daily - Thursday, April 24, 2014
FX Networks Strikes Ad Deal With Miller Coors
Fox's 'Glee' Remains A Fascinating, Frustrating Mess
Unbinging 'Mad Men': One Slow Viewer's New Way To Watch TV
TWC Revs Gain On Broadband, While Video, Phones Dip
Beyond Aereo - Comcast And The Cloud?
CP+B Scores NBA 2K Account
Video Speculations On 2014 NewFronts
Amazon Prime Makes A Deal For HBO Programs, Fire TV Adds HBO Go
Best Video Strategy: TV Replacement Or TV Amplification?
Weather Channel App Gets Extreme Makeover
Bor-ing! Super Bowl Ad Sharing Off By 29% This Year, Unruly Reports
Post Honeycomb Instagram Push Features Teen Idol
Is Your Media Plan Ready For The YouTube Generation?
Online Move DuJour: AOL Teams With Miramax For Movies
7 Cents Per U.S. Adult Hour On Mobile
State Farm Predicts The 'Future Of The Assist'
Second-Screeners Tweet During A Show And Discuss Later On Tumblr
Guitar Center Sells 'The Greatest Feeling On Earth'
P&G Ad Spend To Decrease Again As Focus Shifts From TV To Digital
HBO Go's Hilarious New Commercials
75% of Mobile Video Ads Launched From Apps, New Study Says
HBO Deal Costs Amazon $300M
Television News Daily - Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Xaxis Syncs Mobile Ads With Broadcast TV
Stephen Colbert Gives Us A Glimpse Into The Future Of CBS' 'Late Show'
Episode 702: 'A Day's Work' -- Or, The War Of The Roses
HBO Go And The Case Against Family Viewing
NBCU Records Double-Digit Revenue, Subscriber Growth
The Future Of Television, As Decided By The Supreme Court
HBO Shows To Air On Amazon Prime
Supreme Court Concerned That Aereo Ruling Will Harm Cloud Computing
How Does Adland Solve Video Ad Problems Like Facebook Auto-Play? Should It Bother?
Aereo, Broadcasters Battle Before Supreme Court
AT&T's U-Verse TV Hits 5.7M Subscribers Hires 2 For Singapore Office
Cetaphil Launches 'Gentle Power' Effort To Consumers
NEW! Leo Messi Or Lay's Potato Chips: Which Is More Popular?
Second-Screeners Tweet During A Show And Discuss Later On Tumblr
YouTube Losing Key Product Head
Vevo Boasts Strong Viewership
Television News Daily - Tuesday, April 22, 2014
7.6 Million U.S. Homes Now Cord-Cutting
VH1 Energizes Morning TV With 'The Gossip Table' and 'Big Morning Buzz'
Maybe TV Networks Themselves Will Be The Biggest Cord-Cutters
Online Video Ads Out-Price TV Spots
When The Carriage Deal Includes Telling Your Cable Network Exactly How To Program
NBCU Records Double-Digit Revenue, Subscriber Growth
Netflix Gives Official Thumbs-Down To TW/Comcast Merger
Univision Launches English-Language Flama For Young Hispanics
Chernin Group, AT&T Teaming Up Again, With $500M In Play For VOD
Dove's 'Patches' Proves The Debate Matters In Branded Video
Bing Predicts 'American Idol' Winners
Ellen DeGeneres Will Front A Design Competition Show On HGTV
Simplicity Is 'Devine' For New Paint Line
Strong After-Hours Results For Netflix; It Will Raise Prices For New Customers
Zoom Taps Network A For Sports Content
NEW! The Source Makes Interesting House Calls -- Check Your Shrubs
'Today' Show Will Launch Simulcast On SiriusXM In June
Viewers Moving Toward Connected TVs To Watch Online Video
Television News Daily - Monday, April 21, 2014
TV, Not Digital, Propels Madison Ave. Spending, Twitter Surges 155%
Between A Rock And A Hard Place: Why TV Isn't Anywhere On The WWE Network
'Mad Men' '69: Let The Chaos Begin
TiVo's Top 'Less' List: C7 Would Add $88 Million Per Season
Is Netflix Still Flying High? Earnings Report Today May Keep Its Stock Up
"Lean Back" TV Experience Now Includes Streaming Content Directly
'Scandal' Steals Thursday For ABC
Study: One In Five With Netflix Or Hulu Are Cord-Cutters
Comcast To Sell Millions Of TWC Subscribers To Charter
Google, Sony Release 'Spider-Man' In Shoppable Hangout
Aereo, The Revolutionary Service That Provides Stuff You Don't Want For $8 A Month
Weight Loss Drug Acknowledges Struggle
What's The Point Of Multi-screen?
Like Their Parents, Hispanic Millennials Love Soccer
Try Old-School TV/Media Multitasking -- Just Like Harvey Weinstein
Malta Looks For Alternative To TV Ads
Comcast Finding: Binge Watching Helps Live TV Ratings
NEW! What's The Greatest Invention Ever? Not Electricity
Netflix Accounts For Over Half of All Online Streaming
Get Ready For Aereo's Day In Court
Knob Creek Broadens Target Audience Via TV
Dove's 'Patches' Proves The Debate Matters In Branded Video
Television News Daily - Friday, April 18, 2014
'The Flying Nun' Takes On Madison Avenue
Broadcasters Ask Supreme Court To Reject Aereo's Justifications
Amazon Fire TV Expands Voice Search
Cable Retrans Fees On Rise
Aereo Creates Site To Calm Customers
Google Claims UK YouTube Users Watch Less TV
NEW! Gatorade Fierce Drinkers Exude Colorful Liquids
Pivot, Channel For Millennials, Gets First Scripted Series
Netflix Talks Mobile Distribution With Vodafone
Did Hulu Just Shoot Itself In The Foot?
Tracking Twitter On Top Of Traditional Ratings: How Does Data Add Up?
What Is Shocking Naked Truth Behind Streaming Media's Biggest Sites?
Television News Daily - Thursday, April 17, 2014
Will Fox Be Wild About 'Harry'?
Gray Television Launches LocalX Marketing, Helps Ad Clients Utilize Digital
Aereo Creates Site To Calm Customers
Most TV Viewing Still Live, But Streaming, Video Gains Popularity
McDonald's Launches McGriddles Push
Mini Spotlights Owners For Mini Hardtop
NEW! Foot Locker Ad Features Athletes That Never Won A Championship Ring
Sherwin-Williams Creates A 'Kaleidoscope' Of Color Chips
Crazy Things Happen When Couple Buys Home Without Using A Realtor
Would You Take Serious Financial Advice From An Actor/DJ?
Did Hulu Just Shoot Itself In The Foot?
Where's The Whistleblower? The Problem With Mobile Pre-Roll
One in Five Americans Use Social Media with Primetime TV
'Life Cameras': TV Everywhere, Personal-Style
Two-Thirds of New TV Show Viewers Search for Show First
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