• Is Affluenza Viral?
    Mom blogs and news sources alike have been atwitter this week on the case of Ethan Couch, a Texas teen who was let off without jail time despite killing four people while driving under the influence of alcohol. Couch's lawyers argued that he suffers from "affluenza," a condition that they defined as an inability to associate actions with consequences, as a result of growing up in a wealthy household, where money was always used to solve any problem. Ultimate culpability, they said, does not lie with him, but with his parents, who failed to instill him with a sense of ...
  • A Look Back At 2013
    As we speed toward the end of one year and the start of yet another, here's a quick look back at some standout 2013 mom-related trends.
  • 5 Ways To Reach Digital Moms In 2014
    Moms rely on technology more than the average American. Not only are moms connected all day, but smartphones, tablets, and social media are critical to their everyday life. As the household CEO, much of mom's daily life - from ordering groceries to paying bills to sending birthday cards - is online, using technology that didn't exist 10 years ago. For most moms, new technology is a time saver.
  • The Big Opportunity With Smartphone Moms - Branding Not Shopping
    A variety of studies over the past year have confirmed that moms, really, really like smartphones. Estimates range, but we can safely say that between 50 and 90% of moms of young children have smartphones. And they spend a significantly longer amount of time on their phones using apps and visiting websites than non-moms.
  • Looking Back On 2013 ... For A Smarter 2014
    2013 has been a wild year of fast-moving consumer trends and industry evolution. We've watched the continued explosion in smartphone usage and the introduction of tons of new personal devices. We've marveled at the rocketing rise of Vine, Pinterest, and Tumblr. We followed the Twitter IPO with great interest and scratched our heads a little when Snapchat turned down Facebook's $3 billion offer. And don't forget this year's surprising holiday shopping trends. Doorbusters on Thanksgiving Day? It's enough to make a marketer's head spin.
  • Giving Mom A True Gift This Season
    Tis' the season for big spending-from electronic and toy companies to hardware and craft stores, retailers are doing their very best to help Mom and her family get the most out of this holiday season. But, what if your business doesn't have traditional "holiday finds" such as clothing, jewelry and toys? Instead of just offering gift cards and throwing up a few snowflakes on your front window display, think of new ways you can help Mom during this festive and busy season. Here are a few ideas for some non-traditional holiday industries.
  • The Professional 'Mommy Blogger'
    The phrase "mommy blogger" often conjures up visions of a mom with her hair thrown back in a ponytail, planted in front of a laptop and working away in her yoga pants. But for many, blogging is not just a hobby, it's a profession.
  • 12 Days Of Mom Marketing
    For the holidays, I decided to spread good cheer through song. As this season flies by due to a late Thanksgiving, I hope 2013 was a success and your 2014 plans include effective strategies, like those listed below, to reach moms. Since you (luckily) can't hear me sing in a written post, sing the tune to "The Twelve Days of Christmas" in your head for the full effect.
  • Did You Have a Happy Techgiving, Mom?
    At this time of year when we traditionally reflect on those things in our lives for which we are thankful, we asked moms of kids aged 12 and under through the research community HearWatchSay to share their thoughts about the specific devices and technologies for which they are most grateful. In analyzing their responses, perhaps even more illuminating for marketers than the items that made moms' lists were their rationales for including them.
  • Parents Vs. Kids: Who's More Excited This Holiday Season?
    We all know that the magic of the holiday season lies with children, but what we perhaps didn't anticipate is just how excited the parents get. An early release of the research study by Truth about Shopping focused on the holiday season, and revealed that 69% of parents say that holiday shopping is their favorite type of shopping (versus only half of people without children). Parents are more likely to say they're happy, excited and passionate about the prospect of shopping this holiday season compared to non-parents. While it would be easy to assume that they are merely excited for ...
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