MediaPost Weekend Editions for February 2015
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015
Oscar-Nominated Movie Piracy Costs Millions
Darden Puts $200 Million Media Assignment In Review
Horizon Media Developing Mood-Based Audio Planning Tool
McDonald's 'Pay With Lovin' Pays Off In WOM, Intent
Cadillac: Walk Softly And Carry Your Stick-Shift?
Nielsen To Launch 'Ratings Stabilization' In 31 Markets
Media Usage Does Not Always Mean Ad-Reach Opportunity
Nielsen To Roll Out Controversial 'Viewer Assignment' Method, Will Model Audience Estimates In Non-People Meter Homes
American Legacy Shifts $50 Million Media Assignment To Assembly
'Telegraph' Spiked HSBC Stories To Keep Ad Biz, Journo Alleges
Snapchat Valuation Pegged At $19B, Media Brands Invest In Service
AT&T Charges Kansas City U-Verse Users $29 A Month To Avoid Tracking
KSL Trustee Claws Back $1.75 Million From Sweet'N Low Parent
Facebook To Debut Product Ads, Boost To Brands
Havas, NewsCred Strike Global Content Marketing Accord
TV Upfront Spend Shifts, Cable Grows Steadily
Publicis Groupe In Talks To Acquire Press Agency Relaxnews
FTC Urges Court To Let Throttling Lawsuit Proceed Against AT&T
Lord, Blessed Is The Man Who Trusts in You. Forbes, Not So Much
Forbes Puts Native Ad On Cover
What A Long, Strange Media-Death Week It's Been
Kraft's CMO Among Execs Leaving As New CEO Changes Management Team
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015
Forbes Puts Native Ad On Cover
What A Long, Strange Media-Death Week It's Been
Kraft's CMO Among Execs Leaving As New CEO Changes Management Team
Viewability: No One Else Has It, Either
Pinterest Teams With Apple, Lets Users Pin Apps
Native Advertising Is The Future, But It Means Nothing
Publicis Groupe Reports Q4 Rebound With 3.2% Organic Growth
WPP To Acquire 'Substantial' Stake In comScore: Develop Cross-Media Audience, Campaign Measurement
Let's Rethink How Advertising Works
Publicis' Levy: Marketing Risks Being 'Uberized'
Samsung's Smart TV Privacy Policy Draws Questions On Capitol Hill
Viewability Hot-Button Issue At IAB Summit
Facebook Rolls Out ThreatExchange To Share Security Info
Williams, Stewart Stories Are Not Linked, But It's Fun To Connect Them Anyway
Wells Fargo Launches Media Review
Time Inc., MediaMath Partnership Brings Programmatic To Print, Enhances Audience Targeting
Fit To Print: Target Buys Time Print Ads Via Programmatic
Samsung Reworks Privacy Policy For Smart TVs
ABC Sells Out Oscar Ads At $2M Per 30-Sec Spot
Mediaocean Integrates With Facebook's Atlas, Enables Access To 'Cookie-Less' Ad Serving Data
But Wait, There's More: New (And Improved) Fronts Expand By 50%
Can A Public Company Keep A Start-Up Attitude?
Ad Industry Unveils New Anti-Piracy Program
Sideswipes: Data, The Way You Know It, Is Dead
IAB Appoints WPP's David Moore To Chairman Of Newly Formed Tech Lab
Will Your Thermostat Destroy Your Life? It Might. It Just Might
Lawmakers Ask FCC, FTC To Investigate Verizon's Tracking Technology
Don't Hate On Valentine's Day: Relationship Marketing in 2015
Who's Winning Valentine's On Social? Lego, Of Course!
Millennials And Valentine's Day
The Valentine's Day Gift Exchange
Valentine's Day: One 'Holiday' That Hasn't Gone High Tech
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015
Lawmakers Ask FCC, FTC To Investigate Verizon's Tracking Technology
Brian Williams And The Fog Of Ratings War
Publicis Groupe Completes $3.7 Billion Sapient Acquisition
Horizon Media Strikes Rentrak TV Ratings Deal
"I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you."*
Non-Human Traffic Not Rampant, Finds comScore, But It Still Plays A Role
Interpublic And Elliott Management Strike Deal That Nixes Proxy Fight For 2015
SMG Strikes Deal To Integrate 'Granular' Set-Top Data Into TV Planning/Buying System
Reuters Debuts Reuters TV, Geared To 'Netflix Age'
FCC Chairman Unveils Plan To Declare Broadband A Utility, Apply Neutrality Rules To Mobile
Initiative Wins Papa John's $130 Million Media Business
FCC Chairman Unveils Plan For 'Strongest Open Internet Protections' In Agency's History
#Trending: Real, Human Emotion In Advertising!
Realogy Puts $115 Million Media Assignment In Play
Consumers 'Blind' To Branded Content on Social Media
Google Could Compete With Uber Using Driverless Cars, DoT Looks At Road Map For Future
The Trouble With Trying To Stand On The Shoulders of Giants
Amazon Opens Physical Store, Amazon@Purdue, More To Come
Sideswipes: How To Get Yourself To Care More About Privacy
TV Wins: Super Bowl XLIX Draws 114M Viewers
Yahoo Continues To Take Search Market Share, Google Declines
Budweiser, Domestic Violence PSA Lead Best-Viewed Super Bowl Ads
'Your a Traytor, You But Ugly Kosheralist Pusstard' Click Here to Learn More!
Verizon Promises To Let Customers Avoid Tracking Program
What A Great Time To Remind You That Football is Stupid
MediaPost Weekend - Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015
The Super Bowl Of Deflated Expectations
Verizon Promises To Let Customers Avoid Tracking Program
JWT Confirms Launch Of Digital Network Mirum
No Surprises: Super Bowl Ads Revealed On YouTube, Social Media
What A Great Time To Remind You That Football is Stupid
FCC Says Broadband Now Means Speeds Of 25 Mbps
Where Have You Gone, Go Daddy?
ANA Projects 'Substantial' Surge In Native, Finds Ethics And Disclosure Remain Big Issues
Havas EHS, Havas Discovery Merge To Become Helia
Brands Prepping 'War Rooms' For Real-Time Marketing During Super Bowl
Google's Waze Real-Time Reporting App Criticized For Tracking Police
Apple Ripe To The Core: Reports $18B In Net Profit
TV's Addressable Future Is Closer Than You Think
Yahoo To Spin Off Alibaba Stake, Reports Earnings
Mark Read To Take CEO Reins At Wunderman
Snapchat Launches Media Platform Discover
Forecast: Global Ad Spend Slows, Highest In Emerging Markets
Conde Nast Launches 23 Stories For In-House Native Ads
Broadband Providers Say Consumers Don't Need Speeds Of 25 Mbps
Consumers Say Ads Are Now Less Informative About Products
Ad-Supported TV Tops Online Video
Top 7 Things Nobody Will Miss When The Internet Disappears
Unilever Launches Global Media Review
Is This TV's Worst Show?