• PeopleG2; James Hall
    PeopleG2 named James Hall as vice president of sales.
  • Angela Bowen; Nice Shoes Creative Studio
    Angela Bowen joined Nice Shoes Creative Studio as executive producer.
  • Marisa Costa; TotallyHer Media
    Marisa Costa was named vice president of sales, east coast at TotallyHer Media.
  • Xaxis Singapore; Regan Baillie
    Xaxis Singapore named Regan Baillie as managing director.
  • ONE Mobile; David Smith
    ONE Mobile named David Smith as managing director of national sales.
  • Wendy Rosen and Anthony Marinelli; TwoPoint0
    Wendy Rosen and Anthony Marinelli have launched TwoPoint0, an editorial company and creative collective.
  • GlassView; John LaMarca
    GlassView named John LaMarca as account director. LaMarca most recently served as major accounts integrated sales director at Anton Media Group.
  • Alldayeveryday; David Boxser
    Alldayeveryday tapped David Boxser as managing director.
  • Not To Scale; Lucinda Schreiber
    Not To Scale signed NY-based director, animator and illustrator Lucinda Schreiber for global representation.
  • Hootsuite; Sujeet Kini
    Hootsuite named Sujeet Kini as chief financial officer.
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