• I Post, Therefore I Am A Web Page
    Some leading supporters of social network marketing went public on their opposition to privacy advocates pushing to curtail or restrict the flow of aggregated information about individual social media users on the Web.
  • BT and Social Nets: An Evolution
    2 years ago, Virgin Mobile was one of the pioneer brands running campaigns in MySpace. Davis Brewer knows, because Virgin was a client of Spark Communications (formerly Starlink). They were targeting young, hip, early adopters of the social network. Now Purina is using MySpace to target 45-year-old moms with puppies. Talk about a social network evolution.
  • Granular targeting works for smaller companies
    Holly Hop, group media drector at Critical Mass, speaking at a panel on social networking as a marketing platform: it's not appropriate for brands with a lot of sub categories.
  • MediaCom Moves Beyond Interactive, Becomes 'Interaction'
    WPP’s MediaCom unit this morning renamed its digital media arm, Beyond Interactive, as Beyond Interaction. Along with the re-branding is a slight reorganization that unifies all of MediaCom’s global digital agencies under a single name.
  • Why am I getting Viagra ads?
    Steve Smith says that his daughter is a social media-phile, and she actually doesn't mind the ads. She just wishes they were more relevant. "Why am I getting Viagra ads?" she asked, speaking about one of her social net accounts. Good question. Maybe BT can help.
  • Online Media and BT - It's not personal
    IAC's CEO Peter Horan is going against the tide. The business of media is still about getting mass reach--even online--he says. And behavioral targeting is the way to make that mass reach more effective. "Media is not a personal sales business. It's not about cold calling or one-on-one messaging. This is about advertising, which means delivering a message broadly to a number of clients for advertisers."
  • Federal Trade Ommission
    It's not unusual to have federal regulators answering questions at some industry trade shows, but at this morning's OMMA Behavioral conference, the regulators were in the audience posing questions. Following IAC Advertising and Media CEO Peter Horan's keynote, Michele Rosenthal, of the Federal Trade Commission, asked whether the collection of mass, anonymous, not personally identifiable data, could in itself end up being personally identifiable.
  • Horan Says Behavioral Targeting Shouldn't Mean Overtargeting
    Peter Horan, CEO, IAC Media and Advertising, the first speaker at today's OMMA conference on Behavioral targeteting, sounded a warning about the role of behavioral targeting in larger campaigns. Actually two warnings. The first: it's in its infancy. Second, it's the cherry on the sunday of a marketing campaign. "It's a beautiful thing but not enough by itself."
  • The Silver Lining Of Negative Linking
    Asked how IAC deals with the potential brand backlash of advertisers being associated with negative consumer comments on its commerce sites like Trip Advisor or City Search, Media and Advertising CEO Peter Horan suggested it there was actually a good thing associated with having your brand bashed by user generated feedback. Users are “more likely to believe the good reviews,” he said, if they negative ones also posted.
  • What's So Wrong With Hyper Targeting? Hint, It's Partly About The Hype
    Talk about starting your conference keynotes off on a downer note. After noting that the media business is fundamentally about delivering advertisers “influential and qualified buyers,” and egging the audience on by suggesting we are moving to an “age of intent driven media, as opposed to an age of brand driven media,” OMMA Behavioral keynoter IAC Media and Advertising CEO Peter C. Horan identified a fundamental flaw in the behavioral movement. Citing an example of Chevrolet’s use of behavioral targeting in the marketing of its Silverado trucks, Horan said it generated impressive effectiveness: “Our …
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