• "they don't share stuff that makes them look like perverts"
    "People don't share nudie pictures," according to Andy Wiedlin, chief revenue officer at BuzzFeed, who observes people want to share stuff that makes them look clever, altruistic, etc. -- "they don't share stuff that makes them look like perverts."  This observation was by way of encouraging marketers to embrace user-generated (and shared) imagery, since, contrary to brand execs' fears, there's actually a lot of what might be called self-policing in terms of the content that is shared.
  • 9 MIllion + One
    That's the number of people (plus this blogger) who reacted to a visually-based social media event launched by BuzzFeed, according to Chief Revenue Officer Andy Wiedlin.
  • A Picture May Be Worth A Thousand Tweets
    Or about 140,000-characters, more or less.
  • the paradoxical power of imagery
    The panel on "Image-Based Social Media Platforms" is fascinating, both because of the insights but also, surprise surprise, because of the images that they're showing, including athletes and firefighters holding kittens and protesters hugging soldiers and all that stuff. Really arresting, powerful images -- but of course, words can't convey their power.  There is no substitute for images, period.
  • 1,400 + One
    Natalie Malaszenko, Director, Worldwide Digital Marketing & Social Media, Hewlett-Packard, just gave a fascinating case study of a social media campaign HP fielded that included the first-ever live concert fed through Twitter.
  • getting through to the Apple people
    HP managed to break through to the key target audience, Mac owners, which is kind of like penetrating a cult. How do they know? According to Natalie Malaszenko most of the engagement for certain key elements of the campaign were coming from Apple devices.
  • HP totally knows the DJ
    HP celebrated the launch of Spectre at CES with an exclusive concert by Tiesto, a founding father of the electronic dance music genre, which was streamed live on Twitter -- the first time Twitter ever did something like that.  Natalie Malaszenko of HP: "Geeks dancing is a wonderful thing." And Tiesto's loyal fan base got to tune in online.  Subsequently other artists have been asking Twitter to do similar events. Oh and, also, they sold a bunch of Spectres.
  • Attribution For Naught: A Note About Raw Blogging
    Raw blogging can get pretty raw, especially when blogging energized panel discussions when speakers are speaking on top of each other, and the blogger is heads-down immersed in his/her keypad trying to take down and turn around the good stuff, warts and all. And frustrating as it is, every so often something gets lost in the heat of the battle -- including proper attributions.
  • Maybe Social TV Should Really By 'TV Social'
    Mike Bloxham, marketing chief of the Media Behavior Institute, just shed a startling stat with the Social Media Insider Summit crowd in Tahoe. Drawing on MBI's USA Touchpoints analysis of how people really use media - including their concurrent usage of mediums - Bloxham pointed out that for all the talk about "social TV," you know people using social media while watching television. It's actually a "teeny weeny" slice of total time spent watching television: 2%.
  • Remember Ofoto? (Hint: It Was Social Before We Knew What Social Was?)
    That's what Buddy Media's Jeff Ragovin told social summit attendees that the ill-fated photo sharing platform Ofoto actually was.
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