• It's The Data, Stupid
    That's what Caspar Schlickum, Managing Director, EMEA, Xaxis, implied was the real opportunity behind Facebook Exchange.
  • Data, Data Everywhere, But Not A Drop That's Complete
    That was the view of Ben Aronson, managing director of digital and creative at Juice Digital during the "Facebook Challenge" panel at OMMA Display Europe this morning.
  • Welcome To OMMA Interplanetary
    The conversation at OMMA Display Europe has shifted from the intergalactic (see post about Econsultancy's Linus Gregoriadis' presentation) to the interplanetary. During the "What is Premium Now" panel discussion, the panelists debated the very definition of premium inventory, with the consensus that it has become one of the most "overused" words in our industry, because, well, everything is premium, right?
  • Might I Suggest Serving Some Diabetes Ads?
    Normally, the word "fat" has a positive connotation when used in online industry references. As in, "That's some fat bandwidth you've got there." But Linus Gregoriadis, Research Director at Econsultancy uttered a reference that is likely to cause some online marketers and agencies to cringe, if not put their display ad budgets on a diet.
  • Welcome To OMMA Intergalactic
    Actually, that's not MediaPost stepping up the hyperbole of its event branding (you know, "OMMA Global..."), but was the way Linus Gregoriadis, Research Director at Econsultancy, got his presentation off this morning at the OMMA Display conference in London.
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