• Putting The You In UX (And The Consumer Before The Brand)
    A lot of brands talk about improving the "user experience" and create "frictionless" or "effortless" marketing lifestyles, but OpenKey has made it its unique selling proposition. In fact, the inspiration for the product came out of reducing the amount of effort consumers have when they check into hotels.
  • Forget Agency Reviews, The Hot New Client Pitches Are DMPs
    It may not get the attention that agency reviews like last year's Pitchapalooza might have gotten, but financial marketing giant JP Morgan Chase is currently reviewing contenders to something potentially just as important: a new DMP. That's DMP as in data management platform, the cause celebre of the programmatic marketing and media-buying marketplace.
  • How Companies Can Optimize Their Content Marketing Efforts
    A panel session at OMMA's Marketing Tech conference today, moderated by Alan Chapell, Principal, Chapell & Associates, featured a discussion among several agency executives about the myriad iterations of content marketing.
  • How Content Marketers Contend With Data Overload
    How are content marketers managing all the data coming at them, these days? Very carefully, according to those gathered for OMMA's Marketing Tech conference, on Wednesday. "We are pulling a lot of the data we consider relevant [because] everything we work on has measurement baked in," said Tom Hespos, Founder and Chief Media Officer at Underscore Marketing.
  • What's In A Name? That Which We Call Programmatic By Any Other Name Would Process As Sweet
    Johnson & Johnson Director of Media & Connections for the Americas Luke Kigel seems to like concept of programmatic, he just doesn't like the word itself. And if he has his way, he'd just as soon get rid of it altogether. That was the substance of his keynote presentation at OMMA Programmatic this morning. "The word bothers me," he told OMMA attendees this morning, advocating that the word should be removed "from our vocabulary as soon as possible."
  • Viacom Says Industry Needs Measurement Standards For Programmatic Cross-Device Video
    Calling it a complicated process, Julian Zilberbrand, Viacom EVP of Audience Science, said numerous challenges face the ability to measure and distribute cross-device programmatic video. He suggested the industry needs to work on building new standards.
  • Best Ad Blocker Solution: Better Ads
    Mediapost's OMMA Programmatic forum held in New York City today brought together a panel to discuss the ways tech and creative can work together to build the lighter, more inspired storytelling that attracts consumers.
  • A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Shift, Programmatic Affects More Than Just Budgets
    The mind-set surrounding programmatic media-buying has evolved almost as rapidly as, well, a real-time media buy, according to MediaPost Events Editorial Director Steve Smith. Today, he said, 85% of major brands are buying programmatically and it now represents $6 billion in the online display marketplace alone.
  • Programmatic TV's arrival? When a broadcast network sells scalable national TV inventory
    True programmatic TV? Just wait until at least one national TV network gets with the program. Speaking at OMMA Programmatic, Luke Kigel, director of media & connections, Americas, for Johnson & Johnson said: "Until we can buy television at scale, broadcast television at scale; until I can buy ABC nationally, segmented against an audience based on their behaviors, with customized messaging, executed in real time, then everything isn’t programmatic.”  Kigel went on to say companies like NBCUniversal are starting to do this. He touted Linda Yaccarino, chairman of advertising sales and client partnership at NBCUniversal for her upfront remarks.
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