• Two Brands On Amazon + COVID Crisis Hits = Different Outcomes
    Two brands that rely on Amazon for sales told their stories at our Search & Performance Insider Summit online on Tuesday. Each had a different experience.
  • Alexa, How Did Red Roof Inn Happen Upon The Idea Of Marketing By Voice?
    A dinner argument led one person to pull out a phone to Google the answer, while the other simply asked Alexa. "It was instant recognition."
  • Turning To Consumer Needs: Home Gym, Online Telecom, Aggressive Rats
    There you are, a high-end, scrappy, compact home gym option, looking for people who want to work out at home and not in a gym. And along comes a global pandemic, closing gyms all over the world.
  • NerdWallet Pivots To Help Customers Weather A Financial Crisis
    The D2C financial services platform explains its marketing strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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