• 7-Eleven Faced A Geographic Reckoning When Crisis-Hit Communities Reopened
    The company ran up against city, county and state regulations that varied during the crisis and even more so during reopening that followed.
  • When The Action Stopped, PGA Tour Cranked Up The Email Channel
    Initially, the PGA had not been feeding fans' appetite for the human interest angle. "Going forward, there will be a balance between action, the leaderboard and human interest stories."
  • COVID Put McDonald's 2020 Plan To Emphasize The Customer On Back Of Rocket Ship
    The interesting aspect of this is that McDonald's had looked to 2020 to turn from a product-based messaging approach to a consumer-centric approach and the crisis put the plan on the back of a rocket ship.
  • As OTT Surges In Ad-Supported Media, How To Choose A Channel?
    As OTT stands out in the period of flux, how do agencies go about finding a trusted partner? Do they vet them or do they just work with them so long that they come to know?
  • Job Platform Indeed Finds Gold In Long-Form Content On TV
    "What we see is that linear TV is the biggest driver for us," Indeed's Paul J. D'Arcy told MediaPost's TV & Video Insider Summit via Zoom, "because of its reach and scale. It's a powerful channel."
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