• IPad a Video Gold Mine, but Marketers Trail in Monetizing Tablet Views
    Tablet owners use the devices at home three-quarters of the time, according to a study conducted by Viacom. In the home, 96% of consumers use them in the living room; 94% in the bedroom, 75% in the home office, 70% on the porch and 68% in the kitchen. With these usage statistics, perhaps marketers should look more closely at their video strategies for tablets?
  • TV's Upfront: Six to Nine Times Bigger Than Online Video Spending for the Whole Year
    This is a tough week for online video to get any attention. It's TV upfront time, and the broadcast networks are touting their new fall lineups to Madison Avenue. Sure, digital extensions and online video add-ons will be part of many shows' marketing efforts during the season, but the reality is online video won't get much play at the TV upfront.
  • Online Video Inching Closer to TV Metrics & GRPs
    We need standards. That's long been the rallying cry of online video. But another rallying cry has been - we're different from TV, so measure us differently. Ah, but you can't really have it all. Because it turns out that the legacy medium with its reach and frequency GRPs may win in the metrics battle for online video. The trend started with Tremor Video inking its Nielsen deal last fall to incorporate Nielsen's ratings GRPs into online video buys to give advertisers a metric for gross reach across screens.
  • Mid-Roll Ads Double Year-over-Year
    Remember that adage about consumers opting for the best screen available to watch video? This theory supposes that viewers will first choose a big-screen TV, then a PC, then a tablet, then a mobile phone to watch video, if all are options. The theory may still hold true, but there is increasing evidence that size doesn't matter.
  • Dance Show Popular Online, But Where are the Marketers?
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it's working too for DanceOn, a YouTube Channel that's quickly piling up the views. Buoyed by the success of TV dance competitions such as "So You Think You Can Dance?" and "Dancing With the Stars," the new-ish YouTube network that's part of the video site's original content push is tracking to hit 10 million views for its "Dance Showdown" dance competition show that launched April 5 and runs through the end of this month. Already at more than 6 million views, "Dance Showdown" pits YouTube celebs such as Obama Girl and HotforWords …
  • One-Quarter of Teens Make Online Videos, but Should Your Brand Market to Them?
    It may be tempting for brands to look at Pew's recent figures on teens and online video use and make frenzied moves to target teens via video sites. After all, the researcher reported just last week that one-quarter of teens 12 to 17 upload video to the Web, and 13% of teens live stream videos for others to watch, in a study of about 800 teens conducted last year. Does this mean brands marketing to teens should rush out and slap ads on video-sharing sites? Maybe. But maybe not.
  • CPG Dominates Online Video Ad Spend; Targeting by Daypart Rises
    Consumer packaged goods marketers upped their spending in online video in the first quarter of 2012. CPG has been the top category in online video by most accounts including the latest analysis from online video ad technology firm Videology reporting that the CPG category rose to 37% of the total online video ad spend for the first quarter of 2012, up from 32% in the fourth quarter of 2011. Those figures come from ads Videology served.
  • Managing Online Video and TV Campaigns: Tips from Production to Talent Rights
    As more marketers, businesses and brands convert their existing creative and TV spots to online video, they need to bear in mind several issues that relate to production, ad management and talent rights. Web video is still a relatively new medium so it's a smart idea to map out potential pitfalls, and solutions for them, before starting. I asked Extreme Reach, an online video ad and distribution firm, for tips on how marketers can make sure they've buttoned up rights and quality issues before they go live with a Web video campaign.
  • Every Screen is a TV; Nielsen Says Gaming Consoles, Mobile Viewing Up
    Recently, my son wanted to see a different TV show than the one his sister was watching on the big screen. I said he could watch his show somewhere else and he pointed out that his sister was using the TV. I laughed and said "Every screen in this house is a TV." And they are. We don't have cable service and the ten-year-old TV set we have doesn't tune in broadcast channels. So whether it's the big screen, a Mac computer, a tablet or a mobile phone - any device with a screen is equal in my house. They …
  • iVillage Triples Video Programming with Topics Like How to Keep Apple Slices from Browning
    Ah, the dreaded apple in the lunchbox quandary. As anyone who's ever tried to send a kid to school with apple slices for a snack knows, kids just don't like to eat apples when they brown. Sure, you could put a whole apple in the lunchbox, but for some reason, today's kids seem to want their fruit pre cut. (Don't get me started on this!) Alas, there is a solution. Slice the apple, but then "reassemble" it and keep it together with a rubber band.
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