• If It's Wednesday, Time to Fire Up the Geico 'Hump Day' Commercial
    Research says social video usually attract most of its shares in the first few days and then subsides. But Geico's 'Hump Day" sharing pattern has created its own hump of massive sharing--every Wednesday since it debuted in May, says guest blogger David Waterhouse, head of content and PR for Unruly Media,
  • Online Video Sharing Platforms Are Marketing Gold
    Not only are we watching billions of videos every day, we also use YouTube for other non-text based searches. An upfront message in a video has far more value for a marketer than a message buried deep in an email, says guest blogger and Blue Fountain Media CEO Gabriel Shoolian.
  • At the Bottom Line, It's the Quality of Content That Spells Online Success
    Unlike TV, which can help itself with scheduling and massive promotion, online video's surest path to engagement is effectively speaking to your audience and producing quality content. says guest blogger Gregg Winik, CEO of CineSport..
  • As Streaming Video 'Sites' Turn Into 'Channels,' Is Language Telling Us Something?
    Teen Vogue now has five channels separate from its Website, and other Conde Nast titles have a similar presence on YouTube. The proprietary Website is changing, and video is making that happen.
  • The Next Big Thing, and It Could Be a Really Big Thing, Is Google's New Chromecast
    Chromecast, which looks like a thumb drive, allows a users to see Internet video on their TV set, instantly and easily and for $35, which is what the device costs.
  • All News Is Local, Even When It's Global, Akamai Study Shows
    Big events can distort usage patterns for the Internet too. Akamai's report on Internet traffic for the first three months of this year show what happened when the new Pope was named, when Chavez died and as Assad represses Syria.
  • Interactive Ads Build Awareness and Are Better Viewed
    Of course the study comes from Innovid, which is a pioneer in the interactive ad business. But stats from its latest benchmark study are impressive.
  • Online Video Advertising, Successful and Perplexing
    The ongoing arguments about whether online video advertising is effective or not just goes on forever, regardless of facts, stats and data. But even optimistic surveys show there is still resistance about shifting dollars from TV to online.
  • Netflix at the Emmys: A Victory for Platform, Not Just Content.
    There is a parallel between the Emmy nominations Netflix received and the ones HBO and other cable outlets began getting, most notably with the "Sopranos." But there's a difference too. Regardless of their old ad campaign, HBO is TV. Netflix isn't. For now.
  • In One Year, Nearly Double the Number of Ads Streamed Online
    In June 2012, there were 11 billion video ad streams. A year later, there were 20 billion, according to comScore. And ads now make a up 30% of all content viewing.
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