• Online Video Is the Ultimate A La Carte Mode, Needham Analysts' Report Points Out, And That's a Challenge
    The report from Laura Martin and Dan Medina says online viewers are almost invited to wander. That's a challenge in an all-advertiser supported online world.
  • Moguldom Digital: Built on Gossip and Heading for a New Continent
    Moguldom Media Group has found a good niche serving the African-American digital market. Next stop: Africa.
  • Now Past the Distractions, How About Concentrating on Building Up Hulu?
    Now that Hulu's owners have decided to keep it, maybe they should figure out they're sitting on a pretty sweet property. The world's eyeballs are turning toward online video. ABC, Fox and NBC have already established a strong brand.
  • What If Pay Per View Got Cheaper As More People Watched?
    Federated Media founder John Battelle toys around with an idea: What if you paid for content something like crowdsourcing and the price per piece of content went down as more people accessed it?
  • What Could New Owners Do with Hulu? Eisner (And I) Wonder
    At the annual Sun Valley conference of media heavyweights, former Disney chief Michael Eisner says a new Hulu owner would lose one of its best assets--the ability to show network programs a day after they've been on prime time. But could Hulu fill in that gap by becoming the new home for YouTube content stars?
  • Funny Ads Have to be Really Funny to Get Shared Online, a New Report Says
    Funny ads get shared on the Internet only if they're flat out hilarious. Since everybody's aiming at that and few succeed, funny ads have big downsides. So says a new study from Unruly Media, which has made it its business to track, analyze video-sharing. Here's another thing: Launch your would-be viral ads on Wednesdays.
  • VideoElephant Thinks There's a Growing Business Selling Video Clips for Re-Use
    VideoElephant.com is a new Website that acts as a broker for video clips, the way a stock photo agency helps connect users to creators. But here, the sources include the National Geographic and AFP, among many, And once a Website buy a clip, it's theirs for good.
  • How Little Online 'Coffee Town' Will Beat 'The Lone Ranger'
    IAC-owned College Humor produced a comedy film, 'Coffee Town' marketed online and available from digital sources only. That cost about $2 million. About $375 million later, that business model must look pretty smart to the Disney Co.,stuck with mega-bomb "The Lone Ranger."
  • As Samsung and Boxee May Be Saying, All Content Is Still...TV
    Samsung has acquired Boxee whose video set-top box also has apps for phones. Samsung, along with its phones, is also the world's largest TV manufacturer.
  • YuMe Latest Digital Ad Firm to Take the IPO Plunge
    Following Tremor Video's debut last week, YuMe now says it will go public, filing a $65 million initial public offering.
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