• Over Half Of 13-24s In Study Use Ad Blockers
    But respondents in a Defy Media study do understand that advertising supports their YouTube favorites; they're just bugged by the interruptions.
  • Fullscreen Goes OTT, A Play For YouTube Fans
    Fullscreen, the multichannel network with some of YouTube's best known stars, will launch as a separate over-the-top pay channel on April 26.
  • Ace Metrix Says Native and TV Ads Good Together
    Ace Metrix research for BuzzFeed concludes native video performs as well as TV ads, or slightly better; makes stronger emotional connections and are social media gold.
  • New Tech Can Manipulate Faces, And Mouths, In Real Time
    Researchers from three institutions have perfected facial recognition software to let a user change facial and mouth gestures so, for example, a candidate could be "seen' saying nasty, foul things (not on purpose). And it really works well.
  • The Hidden Influencers Behind Toll House Dough
    YouTube videos for more adventurous Toll House recipes, enthusiastically prepared by YouTube influencers, shows that Nestle and its video agency, Reach, are pretty smart cookies.
  • YouTube Political Campaign Videos Are Yuge
    You don't want to know how yuge. Very. very yuge. YouTube says gives politicians and the rest of us pointers for watching/using YouTube for political campaigns in 2016..
  • EMarketer's Grim Outlook For Yahoo Ad Rev
    Today, eMarketer is reporting that based on its latest ad spending forecast, Yahoo's worldwide ad revenues will fall 13.9% this year, to $2.93 billion.
  • Adobe's Primetime Lets OTT Get A Little Personal
    Adobe's new cloud based Primetime analytics will create precise recommendations that can direct viewers and advertisers to targeted content, using what it claims are more than 200 billion "online video consumption points."
  • 'Live From E!' Is Live On Facebook.But Why?
    Lots of technology is employed simply because it can be, not because it makes sense. As an example, consider "Live From E," which is a new painful waste of time (yours) and effort (theirs) on Facebook.
  • Fool Me Once? Interesting. Fool Me Twice? That's A Good Business Model!
    The Internet can be a devious place. Maybe that's why consumers don''t feel too bad about using ad blockers.
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