• The New Breed Of Cord-Cutter
    Forrester Research says cord-cutting has doubled to 6% in the last three years as consumers come to believe they can now cut without hurting themselves.
  • Social Media Gets Defiant
    If the Trump candidacy was the triumph of social media, than opposition, in the form of rogue sites by government employees, might be the powerful next wave.
  • The Facebook Search For Deeper, Longer Meaning
    Facebook will begin giving more News Feed weight to longer videos, and less to shorter ones. That's a revolution in social media engineering.
  • Rough Stuff! T-Mobile Takes A Big Swipe At DirecTV Now
    T-Mobile's new attack on DirecTV Now is... really, really different, with Hulu playing a pivotal role.
  • PewDiePie's Not Funny Jewish 'Joke'
    Earlier this month, he paid two men to hold up a sign that contained an offensive Jewish slur. He's still trying to say the YouTube video was just a misunderstood joke.
  • What If WhiteHouse.gov Becomes The Trump Channel?
    WhiteHouse.gov still looks like a staid government site. But the president is far more exciting. Bigly! Why not a version of the Trump Channel?
  • Snapchat Tells Its Partners To Clean Up Their Acts
    Snapchat says it is now barring publishers in its Discover section from using images or headlines that lack editorial value or may promote fake news.
  • Live Video Is All Over The Place, And Growing
    UBS also says 63% of millennials have watched a live video. Increasingly, Facebook is the place many of us are doing it.
  • For Netflix, There's Just A World Of Opportunity
    Netflix started streaming long before it was cool. Now it dominates the U.S. with sheer numbers and loyalty. The world awaits...
  • Crackle, Snapped: 'Comedians In Cars' Drives To Netflix
    Sony's Crackle seems to have lost its best reason to exist. Netflix announced on Tuesday that it will snap up "Comedians/Cars," new and old, and as part of the deal, Jerry Seinfeld will also produce two stand-up comedy specials and develop other projects.
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