• You May Know Less About YouTube Than You Think
    One-third of what a marketer needs to know about YouTube changes every year, estimates Greg Jarboe.
  • Help Me Cut The Cord
    I'm always thinking about cutting the cord, but this time, I think I will do it. I need your advice, your encouragement, your warnings.
  • Blocking Ads Or Buying Netflix: It's All The Same
    The success of Netflix reflects the shabbiness of other major content providers and how they mishandle advertisiing--and how they disregard viewers.
  • Amazon Takes Very Low Road With Its 'High Castle' Promo
    Controversy is building over Amazon's ad campaign for "The Man In the High Castle." It covered a New York subway train with startling Nazi and Imperial Japan imagery to promote the series.
  • Whistle Sports: Video Platform For A Younger Playground
    In less than two years, Whistle Sports has gone from two million subscribers on YouTube to 120 million now, making sports fun for younger guys and millennnials.
  • Comcast 's New Stream Just Another Cord-Cutting Mirage
    Comcast's new Stream is a new $15-a-month streaming service that doesn't provide much-- except a fair amount of controversy.
  • Fairly Furry Ads Seem Best Way Toward Virality
    Android's "Friends Furever," an ad about the cuddly pairing of unlikely animal friends, has become the most shared ad of all time, says Unruly.
  • UPDATE Avalanche Of Ad Views Come From TV Everywhere
    The new FreeWheel Q3 Monetization Report says 65% of all ad views from long-form programming are now coming from behind authenticated, TV Everywhere walls. Ayear ago, that accounted for "just" 46%.
  • Bad Buffering Is A Quick Way To Lose Viewers
    Conviva's new survey shows, among other things, that nearly 20% of its respondents say they give up immediately if a video they want is of poor quality; 25% will quit badly buffered/frozen videos.
  • Where Do You Watch 'Scandal'?
    True or false: People don't watch networks. They watch Netflix.
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