• Everybody's Talking About Viewability And That Ain't Good
    The viewability problem, once confined to nervous conversations at online video conferences and high-minded discussions on sites like this one, has found a life of its own in the scandal-seeking wide world of journalism. It's gone viral.
  • It's Hard To Tell A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come
    During the first dot-com bubble, almost every ridiculous idea could find funding and enthusiastic backing, until everybody discovered there were a lot of bad ideas out there and not enough consumer interest to support any of them. Now there is, at least for a while.
  • Social Video Campaign Makes Panama City Beach Warm All Over
    In Panama City Beach, Fl., the convention and tourism board that has been using digital for years, in 2013 let PointRoll provide a cross-screen strategy, and the results were impressive: The vacation spot had an 8% jump in its bed-tax revenue year over year and it can attribute much of that to its online and social media presence
  • Fullscreen Aiming For Its Own Premium Place?
    Maker Studios unveiled Maker. TV earlier this month. Now there is a report that Fullscreen, another major YouTube multichannel network force, is planning its own on-demand site-- aimed exactly at millennials who are growing up watching online video.
  • See Hear! Pandora Has A Sound Plan for Video, Too
    Pandora is clearly a player in video too, and a potentially powerful one, because the brand is all about playing favorites.
  • Questions About The Value Of Online Video; Insight On Long-Term Value of DirecTV Merger
    Everybody knows YouTube is the hugely dominant online video site by which everything else gets judged. If so, how to explain that Google derives 90% of its revenue from places other than its powerful YouTube brand?
  • With Time On Our Hands, We Spend Most Of It At Social Sites, A Little Less Watching Video. And Then There's Porn
    A new survey points out that while the amount of time spent watching video had doubled over the last four years, the overall time online video occupies has slipped from 12% in 2013 from 13% the year before.
  • Tremor's Wesly Charts The Quiet Revolutions In Connected TV
    Tremor Video's head of marketing Doron Wesly has been going into the field and doing other research about the rare connected TV viewer and has discovered 1) they're not rare and 2) "they" is very likely a woman.
  • Connect The Dots: AT&T/DirecTV Merger Leading To Major Over-The-Top Play?
    Everybody is buzzing about AT&T's proposed $49 billion acquisition of DirecTV, but now is a good time to remember that just a few weeks ago, AT&T and The Chernin Group partnered to invest $500 million, publicly stated to launch over-the-top TV services. So what's cooking now?
  • In A Nutshell? FreeWheel's Monetization Report Sees Big Trend In Long Form
    Its new Monetization Report says that 29% of long-form and live viewing is now coming from authenticated sites, up an astonishing 438% from a year ago. The report is based on analysis of more than 75 billion ad views.
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