• Harris Poll: Networks Face Two-Front War
    It is not as if traditional media needed more bad news, but the latest 24/7 Wall Street/Harris Poll of consumer attitudes towards media has to send a shudder a few of those mid-Manhattan boardrooms. The big number already being bandied about from this poll is the 55% of American (of 2,095 polled) who felt that traditional media as we currently know it would no longer exist in ten years. What apocalypse the public has in mind for TV, radio, and print is unknown. The anomaly in these numbers is that 67% of the respondents said they actually preferred to get …
  • HTML5 Coming On Strong
    Some of us Mediaposties spent the last two days on the left coast hosting the OMMA Entertainment and OMMA Mobile shows in LA. Two themes cut across both shows. First brands love video and seem to have every intention of investing more in it. Second, all eyes are on mobility and especially the migration of video off of the Web.
  • The Rise Of The Mommy Vloggers
    The size and power of the mom blog community is legion, as are the sponsors who often chase after them. While you may not have been looking, the mom blogs have kicked up their online ambitions to embrace video. And you gotta believe that the brands are following. We got word the other day from Kimberly Clayton Blaine, the executive producer of TheGoToMom.TV project that she and Sony have partnered up for a new video series that seems to target moms who themselves want to take up their cameras and vlog.
  • The Really Mad Men
    Last year's entertaining if not especially critical paean to '60s advertising "Art & Copy, "comes to public television Tuesday night at 10 p.m. in many markets as part of the Independent Lens series. For this showing America Ferrara plays host. I have to admit a special fondness for this film despite its shallowness. I was raised in advertising. My father was a creative director at small N.J. agencies and then finally owner of his own small shop. He literally had his drawing board in my sister and my bedroom when we lived in a three-room apartment. He taught me how …
  • Viewers: I Want My VEVO
    VEVO is this year's Hulu. In fact the latest comScore online rankings put the music video hub well ahead of the TV site in audience size -- more than 45 million. It ranks fourth in August numbers, right behind Google, Facebook and Yahoo. But with a hang time of 69 minutes per viewer, this elegantly designed current and back catalog of videos is second only to YouTube in the amount of time it keeps its viewers. TV content online gets all of the media attention, but along with game trailers, music video remains an under-appreciated engine of Web viewing.
  • Here's An Idea: Let's Insult and Offend the Consumer
    In its years-long effort to fight music piracy, have record labels ever made a good move with consumers? Courtesy of Peter Kafka at All Things D, we came upon what has to be the least effective tactic yet. This is the kind of bone-headed marketing approach that seems designed to make you feel good about whatever failings your own your strategy may suffer. It goes wrong on so many levels.
  • Worth The Trip? In Mobile, Speed is Everything
    When users navigate apps and the mobile Web they seem to have a memory of the sites that deliver information efficiently and the ones that don't. I am not sure where we spare the memory brain cells for this sort of thing, but somehow many of us recall that clicking on a link at this site is going to produce a long lag, while others have cached the experience wisely to smooth out the end user effect. I know that I think before I click on many apps and sites and wonder, 'is it worth the trip?'
  • App TV: Rockin' With Roku
    It is an open question whether most consumers really want the web on their TV or not. Sure, sure, for dweebs like us the idea of streaming Cali Lewis or the usual You Tube suspects in higher def to our living room screen seems like the natural next step of Web video. Until you actually have to navigate an interface that accommodates all of that content. There still is a big disconnect between the keyboard-and-search-driven-more-than-you-can-eat Web and the lean-back-remote-in-hand-entertain-me TV experience. Go ahead and shoot me Web purists, but I just don't think most Americans really want to hunt and …
  • MMS: The Other Mobile Video
    MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service, is the mobile medium that seems to be in a constant state of becoming. This mobile channel uses the basic system of text messaging to send a range of multimedia content types to almost any phone that can handle text and some low level form of audio and video. When done well, MMS lets a marketer send a small file version of a movie or TV trailer, a music clip or just an animated rich media graphic to up to 80% of all phones whether the user has a data plan or not. And, unlike …
  • Yahoo! Gets Ram Tough, Partners With Chrysler's Truck Brand on Country Music Portal
    Yahoo is going deep into country music and branded media in its newly launched Ram Country on Yahoo! Music. This is the first time the portal has created a dedicated country music site. Chrysler's Ram Truck brand is the sole sponsor, and the company says this is the largest online initiative it has deployed yet.
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