• $1 Billlion In Online Political Spending In 2016, Borrell Study Says
    Nobody talks much about politics until Labor Day and it ain't even July 4th yet. But Borrell Associates' new study on the future of political advertising shows that between now and 2016, there will be an explosive increase in online political advertising, from $271.2 million this year to $995.3 just two years from now.
  • The New, Improved YouTube Shows Some Love to Creators, Users
    YouTube is nothing--literally--without its volunteer creators and at VidCon, it announced a bunch of new attractions for them-- from free sound effects to a kind of video tip jar allowing viewers to pay-per-view, in a way.
  • What's Wrong With YouTube: A List Of Sins
    Everybody takes shots at the big guy and in online video, nobody is much bigger than YouTube, where, as you read this paragraph, 100 hours of video is being uploaded for the viewing pleasure of the billion unique visitors that go there every month.
  • Victorious: An App Where YouTube Stars Can Collect Fans--And Money
    The gift of YouTube is that it gives a place for small voices to get bigger. But once they do, and social media spins new markets, those brands need their own apps, which is what the new Victorious is all about.
  • 120 Sports, A Two-Minute Drill Aimed At Mobile Fans, Starts Tomorrow
    If the World Cup isn't already bringing enough sports streamers on line, here comes the new 120 Sports app, a two-minute drill that could change the whole online ballgame.
  • Left To Our Own Devices: 70% Say They Usually Stream Alone
    A new Adroit Digital survey is filled with stats that are interesting but not eye-popping, except for one. It says that 70% of online viewing is done alone, which is a remaking of the viewing experience, and makes one wonder how different "audiences" are now.
  • If Native Ad Is Good, Why Disguise What It Is?
    There's great unease about native advertising, fed by some confusion over what it is and by a lack of candor over why there are efforts--usually in vain--to obfuscate it in the first place.
  • Survey Says Consumers Bitter About Comcast-Time Warner Merger
    Of course, you often have to go through a cable company to get to online video, but according to a new survey by Consumer Reports, respondents to a survey are pretty sure the proposed Comcast-TimeWarner merger can't be a good thing for customers and other living things.
  • Video Views Via Mobile/Tablet Up 532% Since 2012--But Don't Forget Connected TVs
    More than 20% of our video viewing now happens on a mobile device or tablet in this world, but a new Ooyala study notes, for longer fare, the connected TV is the place to be. That's logical, but the data has lots to learn from a good drill down
  • Fear And Greed And You
    Video of a presentation by investment banker Terence Kawaja neatly sums up how the digital media biz differs from traditional media, and it all comes down to this: One has the business and doesn't want to lose it. And the other one wants what they have.
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