• Crackle Bolts From NewFronts. Will Online Video Survive?
    Last year at the NewFronts for online content providers, Sony's Crackle made it clear it was REALLY in the TV business. This year, it's decided to pull out of the event and sell in the cable upfront market. Big deal.
  • Software From ThePlatform Aims At Ad Blockers
    There are stats out there that say nearly 28% of users have some sort of ad blocker installed, a percentage that has spiraled by nearly 70% in a year, says thePlatform, which has launched a solution it hopes will combat that trend.
  • 2015 When Real Cord-Cutting Effects Kick In, Report Says
    Pay TV operators--cable and satellite--added 101,000 new customers in the fourth quarter of 2014. But the newly revived housing market is growing faster than ever and those pay services are falling behind, says a report form Moffett Nathanson.
  • Big Jump In Authentication, OTT In 2014
    Viewers are obviously getting the hang of viewing content via over-the-top devices and smartphones. In fact, says the new FreeWheel Video Monetization Report for Q4 2014, those reports of OTT devices selling briskly weren't lying. And, the study adds, authentication has gotten much wider acceptanc
  • Is There Too Much Good Stuff?
    The Diffusion Group's Joel Espelien says the explosion of content, on TV and online, might result in a weird disconnect: How soon before new content is just a boring everyday thing?
  • Yes, YouTube Kids, And Why Not Other App Spinoffs?
    YouTube Kids, the new app coming Monday, is interesting in itself, but it seems it could be the start of a bigger move to create YouTube apps for lots of focused types of video. If there's a channel for everything, why not an app, too?
  • Don't You Feel Powerful? You Just Decided What Amazon Will Green Light
    Don't I feel good being such a smarty-pants TV appraiser that I knew the three pilots it would turn into series? You bet. Don't some of Amazon's other 50 million or so subscribers, who took time to give Amazon their opinions feel like they made a difference? Their voted counted! And doesn't that make the other ones, who didn't write, admire Amazon for the outreach? Of course. But c'mon...
  • "Modern Family" Episode Is One Strictly By The iPhone
    The Feb. 25 episode of the ABC series is titled "Connection Lost" and was shot using only an Apple iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 tablets and Mac Book Pros. Executive producer Steven Levitan got the idea from a 17-minute long film about a couple's break-up, accomplished via social media and smartphones, that got a lot of buzz at 2013 Toronto Film Festival.
  • Over The Top In The Oval Office
    Anything for the cause? President Obama pushed the boundaries of what silly things politicians will do for approval last week but his BuzzFeed video, in which he mugged with a selfie stick and posed in a dirty bathroom mirror, quickly went viral.
  • Ten Years Of Watching The YouTube Elephant
    Tomorrow, YouTube has its tenth birthday, though nothing is as simple as that anymore. Feb. 14, 2005 is the day the YouTube domain name was registered, but it wasn't until April 23 that the first video was uploaded, that of co-founder Jawid Karim at the zoo.
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