• Let's Be Clear About It: Crackle Is TV, Not Just Online Video Maker
    Eric Berger, EVP for digital networks and GM at Crackle, said up-top, "You're going to hear me talk alot about TV today," and trotted out stats that claim that for 18-34s, over the top viewing is their primary viewing choice, and that 25% of millennials are unreachable through conventional TV.
  • Glam Starts The Day One Way, And Ends In A New Mode
    Glam Media promised to do something at its NewFronts presentaton that nobody else would do. It started the event as Glam and ended up as Mode Media, and with an ambitious, if still kind of blurry new path forward.
  • NewFronts Open With A Strange Pair--'The New York Times' And BuzzFeed
    The online video NewFronts presentations began this morning with an "Odd Couples" one-two punch: The New York Times unveiling its expanding roster of video products and touting its expertise and tradition, followed by BuzzFeed this afternoon, presenting intriguing enlightenment about why we like cat videos, and why people share. Can I just say this without a lot of journalistic varnish: So far, so very interesting.
  • Microsoft and Xbox Get Ready For NewFronts: Make No Small Plans
    Microsoft presents at the NewFronts beginning Monday -- and Scott Ferris, Microsoft general manager for the video group, is excitedly predicting that its new content offerings, available across all devices, are going to blow people away.
  • Bor-ing! Super Bowl Ad Sharing Off By 29% This Year, Unruly Reports
    A new report from Unruly Media says most of those super expensive commercials in the Super Bowl were super fails in one way: Consumers didn't rush to share the spots online with friends and neighbors, even though the Super Bowl's ad value is greatly increased by that kind of word of mouth.
  • Online Move DuJour: AOL Teams With Miramax For Movies
    Online video purveyors are coming up with ideas, new and apparently old, to serve a growing audience. Now AOL and Miramax will team to present a series of movies on AOL's On service. Movies with commercials. Just like the earlier days of television, but hopefully, somehow, better than that.
  • Chernin Group, AT&T Teaming Up Again, With $500M In Play For VOD
    Former Fox exec Peter Chernin and AT&T will kick in $500 million to get into the over-the-top video content market, adding another layer of big money into the digital space and likely setting off a series of acquisitions.
  • Is Netflix Still Flying High? Earnings Report Today May Keep Its Stock Up
    Wall Street watchers will be waiting for Netflix's quarterly earnings report after the market closes today. It was last year's hottest NASDAQ stock, but began to cool off rapidly in March. Most analysts seem satisfied, but the stock market has a history of overheating, and then rapidly cooling, on digital media/tech stocks.
  • Aereo, The Revolutionary Service That Provides Stuff You Don't Want For $8 A Month
    Aereo is trying to provide its legality now, but eventually it will have to explain its purpose. In an interview with Katie Couric on Yahoo, its CEO tries to explain why broadcasters don't like him, and why consumers should embrace his antenna farm. It's a good argument he has, but really, why the bother?
  • What Is Shocking Naked Truth Behind Streaming Media's Biggest Sites?
    Well, the answer is they lie and distort, supposing many users are so used to it they don't even care.
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