• All That Online Video Is Great, Except When It's Really Not
    NewFronts are a celebration of online video and their power as an advertising carrier. But there are problems about the proliferation of video and advertising attached to it.
  • Amazon's Kindle Turns A Page, to OTT
    A report that Amazon later this year will offer its own set-top device is probably an indication that it has serious intentions to become a producer of original content. But then again, who isn't?
  • NewFronts At The Edge of History
    The latest comScore rankings reveal another month of record-setting video consumption. Most months do, With NewFronts on the horizon, though, this truly may be the moment when the online video business convinces advertisers that the whole wide world really IS watching.
  • NBCU's Digital 'Million Second' Bet on Digital
    NBCUniversal has laid out an elaborate digital plan that loads them up with apps, new programs, Twitter feeds and something "The Million Second Quiz." It looks like exec Lauren Zalaznick wants the industry to know she's serious about making sure that second screen is getting serious attention.
  • That YouTube Elephant With A Very Long Tail
    What does an elephant at the San Diego Zoo have to do with a Gray Lady in New York? They're both linked in the short, amazing and evolving history of online video.
  • For Online Video Shares,Unruly Says,Those First Dates Are Important
    According to new research from Unruly, a quarter of the average branded video's shares happen within three days of the launch. Advertisers can know very quickly if they've got a viral hit, or just another pre-roll..
  • Advertisers Can Capture Light TV Viewers with Online Ads, Tremor UK Study Says
    Advertisers can likely find that light TV viewer online--and overall, it might be worth it to advertisers to run their TV/online campaigns for a little longer online to maximize the message.So says a new study from Tremor Video, part of its "Friends With Benefits" push.
  • Disrupted to Death
    What if disruptive media is so plentiful consumers have decided they don't really want to be bothered? Couldn't it be that are so many competing devices and concepts out there that viewers have just chosen not to choose? .
  • Wait 'til the Ship Hits the Familiar
    Kmart's new online advertising is a viral hit, particularly with people who like to make flatulence sounds and fun stuff like that. The "Ship My Pants" ad has gotten 12 million views in short order, and proves to me--using a horrible example--that one thing online video has over other advertising venues is the ability to make news and create buzz. But buy now. It won't always be that way,.
  • Alloy Goes Shopping, Buys Digital Broadcating Group
    Alloy Digital, riding high with the success of Smosh on YouTube and with a recent $30 million infusion of capital, bought Digital Broadcast Group, adding a top content and online advertising platformer to its stable. DBG executives, some of the bright lights of online content, will remain.
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