• The Seed For Conde Nast Online Was Planted Somewhere Else
    Conde Nast Entertainment President Dawn Ostroff learned a lot while running The CW, and she's using that experience to inform the fledgling online video business at the big magazine publisher. She knows where she's coming from.
  • Facebook Has Big Ambitions For Its Relaunched Atlas Platform
    Today, Facebook is introducing its new and improved Atlas platform, which it says will allow advertisers to track its ads across the Internet, even on non-Facebook sites, and will also also help advertisers buy those ads -- and make it all that much better by letting advertisers use Facebook data to arrive at their decisions. Atlas is aimed at Google and at mobile users.
  • Over The Top: Big, Diverse Disruptive Force
    All the different ways people can get over the top content almost blurs the fact that, already over half of the broadband population has an OTT service--and that's for a business that hasn't really taken off yet.
  • Netflix Streaming Up 350% Since 2011
    Netflix users really use their subscription. Streaming has increased dramatically, and now the average user watches 46.6 hours a month, according to company stats and a new report from The Diffusion Group.
  • Remembering CompuServe, 35 Short Strange Years Ago
    If you were born say, after 1965 or so, you probably can not remember when the "information superhighway" was just a dusty path of slow moving electronic connections mainly used by old science teacher-type kooks and maybe the quiet kid down the block you never really saw.
  • Let's Party Online! What? How?
    You can pay bills online, watch animals in the wild online, see cats play, go to a live lecture at university, watch an operation in a hospital, buy a car, even (in a way) have sex. Why can't we have a big fun party? Of course, there are people who want an answer to that.
  • Chernin/AT&T's Otter Buy Fullscreen
    Otter Media, the joint venture between AT&T and the Chernin Group, announced they have purchased a majority stake in Fullscreen, after months (and months) of speculation. It's yet another acquisition by Old Media hands of Emerging (Emerged?) Media outfits.
  • Are YouTubers Really Stars? Hollywood Struggles To Acknowledge It
    It appear the show biz establishment is still trying to come to grips with YouTube entertainers who seem too casual, too young, too unrehearsed, to really deserve real money. But things are changing -- and Smosh, maybe, leads the way
  • Deep Thinking On Second Screens And TV Everywhere
    This just in: Consumers really watch a lot more TV on great big sets than they do videos on smartphones or tablets. And although a few more people look at TV Everywhere apps than they used to, mostly, they're still a rumor. Why? Why? Why?
  • How Networks' Counts Of Mobile, Tablets Will Change The TV Scene This Year
    When networks begin folding in tablet and iPhone TV viewership this season, suddenly they will gain thousands of "new" viewers, and younger ones too. That's a game changer for the networks, but what about other online content producers?
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