• Finding Matthew McConaughey Without Trying
    The current mania about ad blocking seems to be encouraging more attempts to find ways to amiably intrude with commercial messages you'll watch. It's a good instinct but I want it to stop.
  • Viral Videos: Just Too Familiar
    If ingredients for a viral video can be duplicated over and over, how long before we go searching for some other sort of nourishment?
  • Presidential Race, As Measured By YouTube
    For this political season Zefr, whose massive data mine calculates who is watching, talking or commenting on YouTube sites and matches that with advertisers' products, is tabulating views and engagements of candidates' videos.
  • YouTube Red: Are You Buying This?
    YouTube Red will now charge $9.99 a month for subscribers to see pretty much the same things they previously were able to see on YouTube, with advertising, for free. Such a deal.
  • NFL Stream Is One In The Win Column For Yahoo
    The first-ever free live stream of an NFL game Sunday, via Yahoo, wasn't absolutely perfect. But over 15.2 million uniques tuned in, four times more than Yahoo promised advertisers.
  • Yahoo, For One, Is Pumped For NFL's First Streamed-Only Game
    Yahoo this Sunday becomes the historic live streaming home of the NFL for one game. No one will fault you for missing it.
  • YuMe Aims At Outstreaming; So Does Unruly, For News Corp., Others
    Ad tech firms YuMe and Unruly today will introduce new products offering advertisers the ability to outstream video ads. That's a category generally described as ads that run within text dominant Web pages or streamed within copy on mobile phones.
  • Streaming Video Really Needs To Grow Up
    A lot of streaming stuff, like a foul, juvenile teaser for the new pay service SeeSo, is just raw, not premium. And what will a pay YouTube do that's special?
  • WhoSay Is A Lot More Than A Showbiz Site
    Yes, it is chock full of Hollywood news. But WhoSay.com is also a content marketing site that, also helps stars distribute their social media messages --and then matches stars with brands and fan data.
  • UPDATE: Digital's Future Run Faster Than Authors
    Deep thinkers who try to write about the future of digital media often discover that in the time between when they turn in their manuscript and when it's published, a lot can change.
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