• Big VMA Stream Audience Is A Major Indicator
    Clearer than anything Including the drop off in Olympics viewing, the VMAs low Nielsens demonstrated a shift away from long-form live content to short and sweet and streamed.
  • Cord Cutters Aren't Thrilled By Streaming, Either
    People who still subscribe to cable or satellite services are the most satisfied streaming customers, says a J.D. Power survey. Cord cutters and cord nevers are the most unhappy.
  • Some Popular Key Indicators That Aren't So Key
    A new report done by Nielsen Media Lab for HIRO Media challenges the idea that viewability, view-through-rate or player size have much to do with determining if an ad will work.
  • The Popular, Risky Reality Of Social
    On one hand, the favorite brand of kids is YouTube. Sweet. On the other hand, there are fears about social media's appeal to predators and terrorists.
  • With Sneaky Speed, Small Devices Become Big In Homes
    The smartphone and iPhone screens are no longer secondary sources in many households. The shift from big TV to tiny screen is still in progress, faster than we may think -- because we're living it.
  • Top Shared Olympics Ads: Crying For Gold
    The top shared ads for these Olympics, like most of the ads for most Olympics, are just as earnest as the network packaging of the competition..
  • Netflix Foreign Subs Will Beat U.S. By 2018, Report Says
    Looking ahead, IHS Markit also says that by 2018, Netflix will have 100 million subscribers, and by 2020, Netflix will have 75 million subscribers outside the United States.
  • Will Music Fans Pay For Vevo?
    'Financial Times' says Vevo is seeking $300 million-$500 million to launch a subscription service. Is there programming distinct enough to make it make sense?
  • A Righteous Halt To Web Site 'Comments'
    NPR will stop letting listeners and readers post comments to its Website, and it's not first to come to that decision. It's the decent thing to to do.
  • "Trump News" Online? Why Not?
    Maybe Trump, like all successful business people, is already thinking of his next move. A news operation--just streaming, not on cable.
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