• Nielsen's Expansion of the Household Definition Is A Sign of Things to Come
    Nielsen's announcement last week that it will begin counting "non-traditional" ways of watching television in the 2013-14 season probably won't radically upset the apple cart, at least for now. But it presages a new set of variables that marketers will have to digest.
  • Advertisers Must Adjust How They Pitch Mobile Users
    Mobile should be heaven-sent for online video advertisers. But mobile users really, really don't want to be bothered, a Forrester Research study says.
  • Younger Users Lead Trend Away from TV, But They're Hardly Alone
    A study confirms that yes, younger consumers are apparently racing away from the TV to smartphones and tablets. But you know what? Older consumers aren't that far behind.
  • Tremor's VideoHub Intros 'eQ ' Application to Give Holistic Quality Grade To Online Ads
    VideoHub has a patent pending on its eQ tool, that weighs viewability, video player size and completion rate
  • January Online Ad Views Take a Big Dip, Again
    It's only February but maybe we can conclude that January Is the cruelest month. January online advertising viewership dipped significantly from the month before, just like it did last year.
  • YouTube/Billboard Team Up to Give Viral Views A Lot More Credit
    "Gangnam Style" hit too early. Starting now, YouTube views of songs will be part of the mix of data that makes up Billboard's "Hot 100" lists. Unfortunately.
  • Maybe Legacy Publishers Could Save Themselves By Thinking Outside The...Website
    I have a soft spot for newspapers, and simultaneously believe that almost all of them are so badly run they're killing themselves. So watching The Washington Post's efforts with its digital efforts interests me because at least it looks like it's trying to figure it all out,
  • Online Viewing Is Growing But Traditional TV Isn't Exactly Crumbling
    Television viewership is dropping, and online video watching is up. But TV still has an enormous hold on viewers, measuring its views in hours, not minutes.
  • Connected TV Devices Have Big Future, More Than A Gimmick, Forrester Report Says
    Forrester Research's new mobile trends report advises marketers to get wise to connected devices, and predicts a further blurring of the lines between digital marketing and digital product development. It says reaching connected TV users is an opportunity "too huge to ignore."
  • The Very Last Super Bowl Online Video Mention 'Til Next Year.
    Two weeks after the game is over, so is most of the buzz about the commercials. But online, the best of them will still draw attention, which is good news for Ram trucks and Budweiser beer.. .
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