• CBS Coming Close to Putting Local Stations on Mobile?
    A report today from TVNewscheck.com says CBS is beaming its stations in Los Angeles and New York to smartphones to a handful of experimenters. If all goes well, CBS may become the first network to give access to viewers to watch their local channels on mobile phones. That could be a game changer for the broadcast biz.
  • ByteMobile Report Shows the Hazy, Quirky Ways We Experience Mobile Video
    The Citrrix Bytemobile report shows consumers are a little vague on the fine points, but this survey also has some surprisingly stats about our strange relationship with the smartphone. Like, did you know "Pawn Stars" is a show many people watch on mobile devices--in secret?
  • Ads Views Growing Faster Than Content to Support Them, FreeWheel Report Speculates
    Viewership of online content increased 23% year to year, says a new report. But why isn't that reason enough to stand up and cheer?
  • YourBrandlive Hopes It Has Refined the Home Shopping Channel for the Internet
    YourBrandlive.com bids to become a "virtual store front," by creating an easy way for marketers to sell goods just like a home shopping network does. Is there a business in that?
  • How Will That Connected TV Future Look? Hard to Imagine
    Does connected TV have a future? For sure, says Waikit Lau, senior vice president of business development for Tremor Video. What's not so certain is what that TV experience will look like.
  • YouTube Superstar StyleHaul Is Making Its Own Fashion Statement
    StyleHaul is a YouTube branded suite of 1,400 channels devoted to fashion, beauty and a unique peer-to-peer relationship between its hosts and the teens and young women who watch for 90 minutes a month on average. As Fashion Week occupies New York, founder Stephanie Horbaczewski talks about a wildly successful StyleHaul brand.
  • The Guardian Rides the Waves of Wild Change
    The Guardian.co.uk Website is one newspaper that has transitioned neatly onto the Internet, but latest figures from comScore and other sources surprise them about where Internet users in Great Britain see video, and when and how they access the Guardian itself.
  • Like those Ronco Ads, Product Demos Work Online Too
    If you build it, they will come. Well, maybe. But if you provide an online video about how to build it, there's a good chance you'll make a sale,
  • The Day After: Budweiser's "Brotherhood" Ad Gallops Into the Viral Race
    Budweiser's "Brotherhood" commercial from last night's Super Bowl's is quickly becoming a viral sensation, says Unruly's Video Viral Chart, and could challenge the Volkswagen Passat ad, "The Force," from the 2011 game, as the most shared game commercial in history.
  • Zeebox Goes To Its First Big Game
    There are other big games being played this Sunday, not just the one between the San Francisco 50-minus-Oners and the Baltimore Big Birds. One of them is Zeebox's "ultimate virtual viewing party" in which football fans and fans of overpriced commercials can interact to their heart's content, and answer trivia questions to win NFL tickets.
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