• Grand Rapids Epic Dub Flips the Bird to NY Media
    If one of your colleagues hasn't forwarded the Grand Rapids LipDub video yet this morning, give it a few minutes. Check your inbox. We'll wait. There, got it? In direct response to being named in an article picked up (but not penned) by Newsweek as one of the nations "dying cities," the makers say "We disagreed strongly, and wanted to create a video that encompasses the passion and energy we all feel is growing exponentially, in this great city."
  • New Highbrowism: Gary Shteyngart and Paul Giamatti Hunt Cougars -- Yeah, THAT Kind
    If you are looking to take a break from digital video viewing and kick back this holiday weekend with a good book, you could do a lot worse than curling up with Gary Shteyngart's superb "Super Sad True Love Story." This dystopian satire is hands down one of the funniest things I have read in recent years -- now out in paperback. What is a literary detour doing in the VidBlog, you may ask. Has old Professor Smith started missing the classroom? Don't worry, my fellow vid-heads. You won't be edified and uplifted, I assure you.
  • Oh, That Xfinity Ecstasy: 20 Billion On-Demand Videos Served by Comcast... So There
    The incredibly expensive, ham-handed, creatively challenged attempt to paint over the dingy Comcast moniker with Xfinity has got to go down as one of the king botches in rebranding history. I know this tech and communications stuff, and I have to admit that there was a time last year when this Comcast customer didn't really understand what Xfinity was. Now that I know it is just Comcast trying not to be Comcast, I resist even more having its silly self-celebratory ads move me to adopt the name.
  • Selling the Goods: Retailers Embrace Video as Virtual Sales People
    We spend so much time focusing on the TV-like branding impact of video that it is easy to forget that streaming media can also take some of its cues from the infomercial - direct sales. According to its quarterly survey of video presence at major online retailers, e-commerce video provider SundaySky video is becoming an increasingly important part of the sales process at many sites. The number of retailers in its survey using 1,000 or more clips at their sites has increased 50%, now comprising 32% of retailers, up from 22% the previous quarter. Leading the way is Overstock.com, which …
  • On a Mid-Roll: The Pause That Performs
    As longer form video viewing online becomes de rigeur, an ever increasing share of advertising is moving beyond the classic pre-roll format. According to video infrastructure provider Freewheel's latest "Video Monetization Report" for Q1 2011, the mid-roll ad format defied the usual Q1 seasonal ad slump and grew in volume 30% over Q4 2010. Freewheel attributes the growth to expansion of longer content as well as an increase in ad loads for video. Pre-roll volumes declined from Q4 2010, following typical post-holiday trends, but the march of the mid-rolls continues.
  • Going Google Over Gaga: Online Video Finds Its Populist Queen
    If Madonna was the star made by and for MTV and the rise of 80s music video, then surely Lady Gaga is the unofficial queen of the Web video era - thank God. While Avril Lavigne and Rihanna are also among the most viewed female artists online, Gaga's video releases are genuine digital events. And unlike Madonna, she is eminently more likable, hands down a better singer, and only more watchable as she gets stranger. This Lady was made for the Web.
  • Breckenridge Beer Ads Speak The Truth, Without Breaking Its Ad Budget
    As a male of certain demographic construct who watches too much sports on TV, I find myself at the mercy of domestic brewers with gargantuan media budgets. Maybe the beer-ad barrage wouldn't be so jarring if I didn't consistently tend to my needs prior to the opening tip/first pitch/delivery of the first stone. My new favorite beermaker is Colorado's Breckenridge Brewery, even though I've never tasted a sip of their wares.
  • Fiat 500 Video Speaks Hipster... And Not Much Else
    Given Fiat's minimal presence in North America over the last decade or three, there's a strong case to be made for reintroducing the brand with pomp and pageantry. You know, with a look back at the automaker's European lineage, a photo overview of its cool double-wheelie models and a sober acknowledgement of the changes made since its disastermobiles vexed owner and mechanic alike back in the 1980s. There is an information gap to be filled and plenty of information with which to fill it. Alternately, you could hire a hip commercial factory to position the brand as a must-have accessory …
  • Go Viral or Go Home: How To Make The Fake Look Real
    At least once a week, I receive dispatches from "readers" who gently nudge me towards certain content. This week's "awesome" clip featured Tampa Bay Rays third baseman/most underpaid man in baseball Evan Longoria saving a helpless reportrix from a batting-practice line drive. The execution is impressive; the average user watching the clip on a phone or tablet won't think it's staged. Of course, it is.
  • Branding Through Creepiness: David Lynch Goes Around the Bend
    Someone stop David Lynch before he makes another ad. I say that as a fan. It just so happens I am working my way through "Twin Peaks" on Netflix and just re-viewed "Blue Velvet," so I am inoculated. Even so, the crown prince of surreal weirdness is just creeping me out now by advertising his own brand of David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee.
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