• Now You Can Watch Some Netflix Offline
    The big online content provider announced that a good handful of its content will be available offline to be watched later, perfect for fliers, subway patrons and people in countries with spotty Internet to begin with.
  • DirecTV Now Ready, With Lots Of Plans
    The new DirectTV Now pay service starting today is a frontal attack on the cable subscriber.
  • CNN Buys Beme To Get To Neistat's Next Ideas
    The existing Beme user generated video app goes away at the end of January. The new CNN-backed project that grows from it will be a separate free-standing company that will come back with a product by the middle of next year.
  • The Attack Of The Skinny Bundles
    The OTT cord-cutting opportunities abound right about now, with DirectTV and Hulu adding new competition. It's time to trim
  • Moat Introduces A New 'Score'
    The new Moat Video Score starts counting online ads a they are seen and heard and counts by how much of the screen the ad occupies. Then it assigns the ad a rating from 1 to 100. That seems to make it easy.
  • Say It With Live Video, Especially If It's Nothing Much
    Most of the examples of live video Facebook and Instagram show seem deliberately ordinary and un-"live" worthy
  • In The Wake Of Fake: New Life For Mainstream Media
    Probably for a decade, a reference to mainstream news was a slur. Now, is there a chance to re-establish the establishment?
  • Amazon Going Around The World; Will The World Know It?
    Amazon soon will be pushing its video service into 200 countries, creating a deep-pocketed competitor for Netflix which has a head start forging its global footprint.
  • IAB's Rothenberg Says Stopping Fake News Takes Real Resolve
    "You can't expect fake news sites to close themselves," the head of the Interactive Advertising Bureau says. IAB President Randall Rothenberg isn't sure sites peddling phony stories really influenced the election, but stopping fake sites deserves commitment from the industry.
  • We'd Pay For Network TV And Take Netflix With Ads
    A new report from Digitalsmiths and TiVo shows how much viewers would like a slimmer cable package, and how accepting they might be of OTT ads, if the deal is right.
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