• Twitter's Currency Is Live And Political
    If more people knew how to use Twitter, or why, more people would use Twitter. After all, can 34,000 Donald Trump tweets be wrong?. (Of course not. Wrong? Trump?)
  • Busker Live Videos Let A Visitor Pay Twice
    Busker.co presents influencers, musicians and other talent who may also try to sell you products--live. Then, if you want, you can tip them.
  • Twitter Pulls The Plug On Vine
    Vine, the six-second video app started by Twitter just three years ago, will fold in the next few months.
  • Vudu's New Ad-Supported Side Gets Ooyala Assist
    Instead of consumers paying per movie, Vudu's new Movies On Us serves commercials. It is using ad tech firm Ooyala to optimize the inventory.
  • UPDATE: Far From Netflix, But Amazon On A Roll
    Amzon's streaming video service is growing faster than predicted. But with 120 million users, eMarketer says Netflix has quite a cushion.
  • LiveStream Floats The Next Big Thing
    It's what's up front that counts. Now, there's a LiveFronts event to stay ahead of the next newest thing: Live streaming.
  • VR Is A Loner In A Social World
    Virtual reality videos are awesome, but you sort have to take my word for it. VR headsets make viewing a solitary experience.
  • Let The Skinny Wars Commence!
    By next year, consumers will have their choice of Web-delivered TV services. The major feature will be the lack of options, a low price tag and presumably, the lack of a contract.
  • Trump's Vanishing Entertainment Value
    He's still dangerous and obnoxious but some charts at Young & Rubicam suggest Trump's just gotten boring.
  • Digital Video Advertising's Perception Gap
    Digital video does as good a job selling as it does building brand awareness. Many marketers believe that. Most still don't.
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