• 2015's Constant Bummers: Viewability And Ad Blockers
    Viewability are ad blockers are kind of a digital tag team of woe, and in 2015, the industry seemed to admit it.
  • Streaming 2015: HBO Now, Go90, The NFL And The President (And GloZell)
    In 2015 the drift away from TV and the TV set seemed so much quicker.
  • The Big Picture In 2016 Will Really Be The Small Screen
    There will be lots of predictions for the year ahead, but nothing seems to be as pivotal as recognizing how much mobile video viewing is exploding.
  • Even As TV Addicts Start To Cough, Cable Raises The Cost Of Its Matchsticks
    Faced with more and more cord-cutters, cable and satellite operators will raise rates again in 2016.
  • Update: As ESPN Stumbles, Whistle Sports Beefs Up
    ESPN's problems are causing Walt Disney stock to sag. Meanwhile, social media oriented Whistle Sports, which caters younger, more individualistic sports "fans" than ESPN, names a bunch of pals called Dude Perfect the streamers' first "brand ambassadors."
  • The Real Truth: Don't Believe Anything You See Online
    On Tuesday, the FTC issued guidelines to help prevent deceptive native advertising. And last Friday, Washington Post reporter Caitlin Dewey turned in her last "What Was Fake On The Internet Last Week" because now, "fake," is an accepted, profitable genre.
  • Discovery's Old Video Finds A New Life
    VideoBlocks, the video clip subscription service, adds 30,000 or more great looking snippets from Discovery networks--30 years' worth.
  • Streaming Grows, And Remains Baffling
    As the year nears a close, streaming video keeps making strides -- and so does streaming advertising. It would be nice to say consumers and advertisers are perfectly at home in their new location, but that would be wrong.
  • An Ad-Blocking Idea That Pays Off For Web Sites
    Optimal.com hopes it can convince users that if they block ads, they should pay monthly for it; then Optimal pays the sites.
  • When Will Digital Media Grow Up?
    It's got til 2020, maybe. A lot of work to be done.
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