• What Is TV Everywhere? Why Isn't Everybody Watching It?
    A study from GfK says 53% have used TVEverywhere, but apparently not very often, and without knowing that's what they were doing.
  • YouTubers' Reality: Famous And Barely Getting By
    YouTube vlogger Gaby Dunn explains how it is that YouTube vloggers may have tens of thousands of adoring followers and not have enough money to pay the rent.
  • A Non-Tradition of Shareable U.S. Christmas Ads
    In Britain, extra-long heavily-shared Christmas-themed commercials have become a tradition, but it's not happened here.
  • VideoBlocks Has A Better Stock Idea
    Disruptions come in all sizes, so what VideoBlocks is doing won't be more than a very little blip on the entrepreneur radar. But still...
  • The Top 20 Young Influencers--And 6 Rules They All Live By
    Zefr, the social-media tech company that is expert at charting YouTube engagement, picks the top 20 influencers under 21--and names six attributes of the best ones.
  • The Mobile Video Sky Is Falling (Comparatively)
    Mobile video's growth is slowing down, according to new Ooyala research. Its growth has gone from absolutely unbelievable to just stunning.
  • Clammr Lets Fans, Hosts Share Podcast Snippets On Social Media
    With the new audio social-sharing service, podcast producers, or listeners, can easily lop off a 24-second snippet and send to social media sites, where users can hear it, then get the whole audiocast.
  • How Netflix, YouTube Dominate, Told In Surprising Stats
    A new report from Sandvine finds that Netflix is what we download at peak times of the day. How things have changed.
  • With Live Video, Facebook Makes Like Periscope
    Facebook announced Live Video yesterday, but for this initial phase, just for "a small percentage of people" in the U.S on iPhones. (Wait 'til your parents hear about this.)
  • YoutTube Red Taking On Netflx?
    'The Wall Street Journal' reports YouTube execs have been nosing around Hollywood trying to line up deals that could create a new home for original content and movies on the new pay YouTubeRed service. Look out, Netflix.
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