• Is TV Everywhere Finally Getting Somewhere?
    It's not hard to be a naysayer about TV Everywhere, but could it be? Is it finally getting its act together?
  • Give PewDiePie His Diamond Play Button!
    YouTube's biggest star has over 44 million subscribers, but not a plaque to commemorate it, and in a mock rant, he tells his fans to blow up social media to get Google to act. (They're doing it.) By the way, advertisers, this is a good time to remind you that PewDiePie has over 44 million subscribers.
  • Are Streaming SVOD's Staring At Their Ceiling?
    Pay-SVOD streamers will have a very good year in 2016, but their percentage YOY increase will be less than years before. Uh-oh?
  • The One Thing You Probably Don't Know About Kenneth Starr
    Here's the answer: Despite some of the things you may have read online, he's still the president of Baylor University.
  • Young Man, Disable Your Ad Blocker!
    A new comScore graphic says U.S. men, 18 to 24 years old, are very reliable users of ad blockers. So are wealthy people.
  • The Tyranny of Choice, As Seen On TV
    With more streaming SVOD services popping up, how soon before the OTT begins resembling the now-derided "cable universe"?
  • Well Done Chat About . . . Unwanted Facial Hair
    A natural-seeming conversation about a hair removal product can't be too easy to create. A ClevverTV beauty show seemed to do it. Nair's happy,
  • Apples, Oranges, Streaming And TV
    "The Wall Street Journal" notes that some of the comparative figures offered at NewFronts don't seem to be quite on the button. But doesn't everybody know that going in?
  • Brand Networks Charts Surge In Instagram Video
    Brand Networks, an early member of the Intstagram Partner Program, looked at 2.2 billion ad impressions by its clients in Q1 and discovered 58% of them were videos, not the still photos Instagram was built on.
  • Do Anti-Ad Block Efforts Inadvertently Promote It?
    A new survey from Optimal.com, a profit-sharing ad blocker facilitator, says 45% of survey respondents don't even know ad blockers exist, and learn of it from Websites that urge its users not to do it.
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