• Geico's New Ads: Still Unskippable Amid The Unwatchable
    Geico's "Unskippable" campaign has been updated with an equally clever "Fast Forward" batch that is also mindful that online viewers really aren't there to watch commercials.
  • Pond5 Brings Artificial Intelligence To Prosumers
    Pond5, a video/audio clips business, introduced NextSens and Visual Discovery, artificial intelligence tools that make it easier for video makers to quickly find the right clips.
  • Snapchat Will Use Nielsen's Digital Ad Ratings
    It's Snapchat's first hook-up with a campaign ratings measurement from an outside provider. The Digital Ad Ratings allows Snapchat to deliver mobile reach, frequency, demographics and gross ratings points.
  • For Women, Minorities, Online Is Like Old Media
    A new report from USC's Annenberg School says movies, TV -- and online streamers -- all lack minorities and women behind the scenes.
  • Pixability Puts Windows In The Walled Garden
    Pixability's v4 helps advertisers place messages on four major platforms' "walled gardens" and gives them a way to normalize the data based on distinct specifications.
  • The Much-Swiped Debut of YouTube Red Exclusives
    YouTube Red's exclusive material quickly made it to Facebook, and surprisingly, to the ad supported YouTube. That was not the plan.
  • A Device For Waffling Cord-Cutters
    Tablet TV Plus brings local TV signals to your iPad, with a DVR capability, and the ability to go between the TV broadcast to Internet functions if you've got a Wi-Fi connection
  • Soon, We Might Know Who's Watching Netflix
    Coming soon: ComScore says its new Total Home Panel will be able to spill the beans about who's watching what on Netflix and Amazon.
  • Live Network Streaming: Simply Baffling
    Now, if you're a Cablevision customer you can live stream CBS everywhere for free. Well, not everywhere.
  • Hulu's Disappointing "11.22.63" Event
    Hulu seemed to want a statement with "11.22.63" that it was more than a TV rerun service. Then again. . .
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