• TRUST, A New System That Spots Online Ads With Rights Problems
    Extreme Reach, a video advertising management and delivery solutions provider, has introduced an open-platform monitoring tool that can flag agencies when an online ad is being shown in violation of TV-based performance and rights contracts. As online advertising has grown, it's become a multimillion-dollar problem.
  • How Blocking Ads On Apple Phones Can Create A Grand Mess
    Already, a quarter of all browsing happens through Apple's Safari. If it is easy for users to add extensions that shut out ads that could be a mighty blow to publishers and the ad tech companies that serve them.
  • Tracking The Mysterious Netflix Viewer
    Nielsen says it now reports Netflix and Amazon viewer data it is has collected with major studios, and Netflix now admits, it gives some viewership information to the majors too.. But much is unknown.
  • WPP's Sorrell: Is Video Advertising Worth It?
    Referring to ad buys on YouTube and Facebook in particular, WPP's Sir Martin Sorrell said an unnamed client suggested "it's all overplayed and that the video focus and the value there is not proven." He didn't disagree one bit.
  • 40% Of Q2 Video Ad Views Came Via Smartphone, OTT
    The Big and Small Shop: The new Video Monetization Report from FreeWheel, released today, says that smartphones now account for one in five video ad views, but OTT's growth continues to be just as amazing.
  • Media Planners Say Hurrah For TV Ads (Ask Again Later)
    A new report from the Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPBAA), which surveyed 310 media planners, discloses that 68% of them rate TV high in effectiveness, confirming its continuing status as the most awesome selling platform out there. But they're not totally sold.
  • The User Interface Problem
    Even compared to that clunky cable remote, accessing online video is still harder than it has to be, and the selection process is blurry. That's got to be fixed. (Or lampooned, as Medium.com does)
  • Soccer, The Beautiful Game, Gets An App That Plays To That
    At a time that "mobile first" is the rage, the new app from the L.A. Galaxy soccer franchise could be a refreshing change--a video source designed for larger screens only, and boasting the beauty of its video.
  • Siri, Tell Me About AppleTV's Latest Incarnation
    Apple next month will introduce a new AppleTV model that will fully integrate the iOS operating system and may do things like let Siri be your remote. It will also make it easier for developers to create specific TV apps just for the Apple set top.
  • The Moneybags Are Coming!
    BMO Capital Markets' gives an analysis of Comcast's apparent dive into a new Watchable video service. It says media's old guard are fully committed to the idea of making some major coin online, and soon.
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