• Mobile Product Videos More than Double; Best Practices for Product Videos
    Mobile views of product videos rose 150% on Black Friday and 164% on Cyber Monday compared to the year before, according to just-released data tech platform Invodo, which provides video commerce solutions for brands and retailers. The tech shop also said that consumers who watch product videos on mobile devices are three times as likely to make a purchase.
  • Study: Cord-Cutting Rises,17.2 Million Broadband-Only by 2017
    About 13% of broadband customers don't have pay-TV services. That equates to 11 million households, according to research firm The Diffusion Group in its newest report on over-the-top growth. That number of broadband-only subscribers should grow to 17.2 million in 2017, TDG said.
  • Consumer Tech Buyers Prefer Product Videos to Pre-Rolls
    Technology news consumers rely on tech videos when they're in the market for buying tech products, and marketers would do well to supply product demo videos rather than just pre-rolls to them. That's the finding of a just-released online audience survey conducted by IDG TechNetwork this summer. IDG TechNetwork reaches more than 130 million monthly unique visitors across more than 500 tech sites.
  • Advanced Content Recognition - Missing Link Between TVs and Tablets
    Marketers are closely tracking two trends at the intersection of tablets and TV - consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to watch TV shows, and they are use them while watching TV on the set. Delivering more and better video ads via mobile devices is a natural response to the first, but the simultaneous usage trend is a tougher nut to crack. The solution may lie in advanced recognition technology.
  • October Delivers 11 Billion Video Ads; BrightRoll's Ads Reach Half of U.S.
    All is right with the online video ad world again. After a few months of declining ad views, the number of video ads watched in October hit nearly 11 billion , according to comScore's recently-released monthly figures. That 10.9 billion video ad view count is a 16% boost from the 9.4 billion video ads served in September , and up about 45% from the 7.5 billion video ads a year ago.
  • How to Reach Holiday Shoppers With MultiScreen Video
    As Black Friday kicks off the official holiday shopping season, video will play a role in the marketing strategies of many brands. But brands should keep in mind that they'll want to market to consumers in different ways throughout the shopping season to move them from awareness to purchase intent at the right time, said Jivox, an online video interactive TV company.
  • Amazon Closing Gap with Netflix in Streaming Video
    Amazon is nipping at Netflix's heels. While Netflix dominates the streaming video market, Amazon had made steady strides in recent months, according to a survey of more than 1,100 consumers in North America conducted by 451 Research's ChangeWave service. About 82% of respondents said they used Netflix to watch paid online video in September, down a tad from 84% in February. Amazon, however, rose to 22% from 17% earlier in the year. About 16% of respondents use iTunes, about the same as in February, and 8% used Hulu Plus, up from 6% in February.
  • Viewers Watch Ads 93% to Completion in Online TV Shows
    Want video viewers to watch your ad? Make sure it runs in long-form video, like TV shows. Even though 87% of all professional video views are for videos less than five minutes, the completion rates for ads in videos longer than 20 minutes remains much higher than in short videos, and mid-length videos.
  • Will it Blend? Brand Videos Work Well When Mixed Into Site
    Clearly every brand has gotten the memo that they need to make "content" for consumers. But exactly how many brands have interpreted that overarching media objective du jour to mean video? About 54% of brands are currently using video in their marketing, and two-thirds of those who aren't plan to do so in the coming year, according to research conducted by Forbes and video platform Sharethrough, surveying 136 marketing executives in September at major brands such as Intel, JetBlue, Heineken and Honda.
  • Tablets Become Second TV, Viewers Watch Longer Videos More Frequently
    When watching longer digital videos, viewers often reach for a tablet first. Consumers who stream TV shows, movies and sporting events are increasingly tapping their tablets when they tune in, with tablet video viewers watching 54% more long-form videos than they did at the start of the year, Ooyala said in a just-released report analyzing video habits of nearly 200 million unique viewers across devices for the third quarter.
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