• Univision Launches TV Everywhere Service with Timed Social Comments, Apple & Android Apps
    More evidence of the emerging growth in the Hispanic digital video market came from Univision. The network officially launched UVideos yesterday with Starcom advertisers Allstate, Microsoft and Wendy's on board via a deal Starcom struck during the upfront. The service gives the network a berth in the TV Everywhere world in an interesting play that brings most of its prime-time shows to both the Web and to Android and iOs apps for free the day after they air, with programming subtitled in English.
  • Voting on Videos: From Fetching Cats to I Like Ike
    Can't get enough of politics? Or maybe you prefer cat videos? Either way, the Internet is at your service. Let's take a break today from the usual reporting on numbers, figures and trends to share a few topical video sites. The Museum of the Moving Image posted a collection of political ads and commentary from every presidential campaign since 1952 to the current election.
  • Smart TV Sales, Over-the-Top Use Grow; Buoyed by Game Consoles & Social Media
    Consumers like their choices for cable and satellite alternatives, and they're also expected to buy more connected TV sets this year. Those are among the findings of a pair of recently released studies tracking the growing over-the-top business. When coupled with upcoming new releases from gaming console makers - the dominant device consumers use when streaming video to the TV - things are looking good for the over-the-top business.
  • The Real Problem with Netflix's Streaming Numbers - Not Much to See
    Is anyone truly surprised that Netflix's streaming numbers disappointed Wall Street? Because it's not a surprise to Netflix customers as to why the company is barely adding a meaningful level of streaming subscribers. There is hardly anything worth watching.
  • Super Bowl Social Videos Drive 7 Times Views; Majority of Men Watch Video on Any De-vice
    TV and digital video sway closer to each other each day. As Nielsen's online campaign ratings move deeper to becoming the currency for cross-platform measurement and agencies like GroupM push them along , there are other efforts afoot to understand how media planning and consumer habits fare across venues. That includes work from online video measurement firm Visible Measures to track cross-media lift and new insight from Break Media analyzing habits across digital video devices.
  • Are Tablets the DVR Antidote?
    The tablet may be the best thing to ever happen to the modern TV. A second screen can reduce the amount of time viewers spend skipping ads, according to a just-released study that Bravo Media conducted with Latitude Research on multiscreen viewers. Nearly two-thirds of the study participants said that having access to a laptop, mobile phone or tablet while watching TV made them less inclined to skip the ads.
  • 75% of Netflix Views From Recommendations; Tips for Video Programmers
    Services such as Netflix, Amazon and iTunes have proven the value of recommendation engines. Netflix alone has said that 75% of what users watch stems from a recommendation. More content providers are aiming to tap into the value of video recommendations to entice viewers to watch more of their videos, which translates into additional ad inventory to sell. Online video technology provider Ooyala released a white paper this month detailing best practices for content programmers in offering recommendations.
  • Real Numbers: Mobile Video Viewers Watch Seven Minutes A Day; 3.5 Hours A Month
    By all accounts, mobile advertising and mobile video are growing fast. The Interactive Advertising Bureau said last week that mobile advertising had nearly doubled in the first half of the year to $1.2 billion, while eMarketer has said that 50% of smartphone users watch video at least once a month on their phones. Plus, Cisco has said two-thirds of the world's mobile data traffic will be video by 2016. But on a pure time spent basis, what do these numbers equate to?
  • Streaming Video on TV Set Cutting into Primetime TV Viewing for Gen Y 12% of Time
    Young people aren't watching TV live as much as they used to, but you already knew that. What's particularly interesting about the habits of Gen Y TV viewers, those age 13 to 32, is that 12% are now watching streaming video on their TVs during primetime, up from none four years ago.
  • Online News Video Service Sees Election Year Uptick
    If you're watching a clip of last night's presidential debate online today, it might very well have come from online video syndicator NDN. The online video news syndication platform has quietly been making a name for itself as a hub and distribution platform for online news videos, and has seen a rise in the news videos running through its system this fall, including pre- and post-debate videos.
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